Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dear God VII

Dear God,
This year there is so much to share with you. Yet I am at lack of words. I turned 29 years old today. It still feels unreal to me that I am that old now.

I often sit back and contemplate on how things have turned out for me,
Or rather how I have made them turn out to be.
There are things that upset me, make me unhappy,
And I am often ungrateful and sappy.

Is this really the life that I desired?
Does it really get me excited, get me wired?
Why, oh why am I so gloomy, so uninspired?
Am I missing something, something important that transpired?

I am lost in my thoughts, fighting my own beasts,
While my family is getting ready for a feast,
Everything is I love is ready, suddenly I am pleased,
My anxieties, my questions, all of them are eased.

How could I doubt your plan for me?
How blind was I to be unable to see?
Though very few, these people whom I call family,
They are all you, you making sure I am happy.

At most times happiness is a choice,
We simply have to choose and direct our inner voice.
We need to cut through the chaos, through all the noise,
We have to choose to rejoice.

So thank you God. Another year has swept by very quickly. And the same people have stood by me, and keep me going.

Thank You Dear God
I choose to be happy