Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fashion your Style

Fashion is something that has existed since time immemorial. Humans are visual creatures, and hence are attracted to everything that is visually appealing. Fashion is therefore not only vanity, but also necessity. However many times fashion is confused with style. While fashion fads come and go, styles remain with us forever. The art here is not so much to follow the latest fashion trends, but to in fact make your own style fashionable.

We think of clothes in a very narrow and limited manner. Clothes are the strongest tool of communication. They perform the biggest role in visual communication. Did you know it is impossible to not communicate? This is because they way you look also communicate volumes about you, even before you begin to speak.

To dress impeccably, just remember the 4 A’s- Appropriate, Authentic, Affordable, and Attractive. Be appropriate for your occasion, roles, and goals, authentic in your style, affordable on your budget, and attractive at all time. Here are some tips that will help you to achieve all A’s.

Rely on basic styles in clothing. Simple clothing goes a long way and is easy to utilize for various occasions. For example a simple basic white shirt can get you ready for office, and with some accessories for men and women both, can even get you ready for an evening out! The objective here is to get the maximum from the existing wardrobe, than adding a new piece every now and then.

The fit of the clothing is extremely important. Often people feel that wearing loose fitted clothes is better if you have figure variations. However loose fitted clothes make you look bulkier. Have well fitted clothes that add crispness and sharpness to your personality. That doesn’t mean you adorn a bodycon dress at all times. But a good fit will take you a long way.

Use colours that go well with your personality, mood, and physical characteristics. For formal wear, use neutral colours. To begin with invest in good black, blue, grey, beige, brown, and olive green bottoms and trousers. These may be mixed at matched with most colours available. For tops and shirts, use the dull and muted shades of your favourite colours. Remember there is no wrong or right in fashion, it is just about how and where you use it! It isn’t about what you wear, but always but how you wear it.

For Indian wear, the same tips may be applied. Use minimalistic patterns and prints so that you can make many outfits out of the same garment pieces. For example, a plain black classic kurta will look different with beige chudidaar, white chudidaar, a red stole, or just a god piece of gold jewellery. Avoid using leggings as they create a bad image for you. Classic prints in Indian wear are a must have. Some of them are warli, lucknowi, and kuiriya.

Men should go in for straight cut kurtas and bottoms. A monochromatic colour scheme looks great on both men and women.
Always add a layer to look more authoritative, like a jacket, scarf, or even a tie. Angular shapes are great to add authority, while cured ones make you look friendlier.

And always wear a smile and your confidence. Those for sure will fit your style, and never go out of fashion!