Monday, February 16, 2015

Vanity as a Necessity

I aspired to be a Corporate Trainer right out of my MBA. People laughed and scoffed at me. I knew however, that I'll achieve what I want.

In this journey of working towards my goal, there were many things that I learnt. One of the most important was that of presentation.

We as humans automatically get drawn towards what lures our eyes. Visual creatures as we are, we have a photographic memory. Our brain remembers the pictures. And that is why our Image is important.

Conducting a Training for IOT Employees

One such important element for women is Makeup. I was never a makeup person. I was too lazy to care. However I realise that your face is the point of focus and should be so at all times. Especially as a trainer, to look my part, and feel it too, it is important.

Personal Branding Workshop

Basic makeup tips can help you feel more confident and presentable. You do not need to be layered with cosmetics. Nor do you need to splurge on expensive products. A minimalistic vanity can do you wonders.

Conducting a Skin Care & Makeup Workshop

Today, I am an Image Consultant and a Corporate Trainer. I train people on experiences that I have learnt over time. One such learning is that of having an impressive face. And makeup definitely helps.

Because Vanity is Necessity!

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