Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dear God IV

Dear God,
I celebrated my Silver Jubilee Birthday today! It's great to be 25 you know. Things have changed a bit though. Birthdays come with lot of surprises, not necessarily pertaining to my birthday presents. They come along with the striking knowledge that each passing year brings along new responsibilities I need to face.

So while it all began with a bang, with cakes, and champagnes... the change was too bold to ignore. Things are different now. People are a bit different too. The gifts have become more practical, and lesser fun. And yet, surprisingly I am loving them as much.

As I enter into a new stage of life altogether, some of the things I held close all these years seem a bit distant. In another year or two, I won't probably be celebrating in this house. The feeling has finally hit me, and God, it has hit me hard.

But that will be another years story to tell. This year brought along a new zeal. I want to make the most this year. Personally and professionally as well. I don't want to have careless fun. I want to take onus for what I do, and how I do it. I want to make sure every moment counts, and makes a difference.

So here is a big Thank You for this wonderful feeling of being 25. Thank you for the super friends and family I have.

Thank You Dear God,
I know you'll always love me.