Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Good Things

If you believe in destiny and in fate,
Have seen both scarcity and spate,
Then you know it ain't really late,
Cuz' good things come to those who wait!

You may love it, or you may hate.
Agree with it, or completely berate,
But it's a fact you can't evade,
That good things come to those who wait.

You need not start from a clean slate,
Do not even need to feel like bait,
Just know this and you'll feel great,
Good things will come as you wait.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Professionalism etc.

Recently I had been for an interview. I freelance so go for interviews more often than others. It was a new, but fancy place. They took a demo of my work and almost an hour long interview by the Director himself!

It was a great experience to talk about my work, skills, and passion. Yea yea I know it sound cliche, but true nevertheless. At the end my interviewer told me he felt I was fit for an even better assignment than what I had applied for.

I was asked to make a module and mail him in the next couple of days which I did...

You know the amazing part is, even after constant reminders for feedback, I have not yet received one. Its been over a couple of weeks now...

It is funny how in the world of Corporate lifestyle, where Professionalism is supposed to be the walk and talk to the town, professionals act in the most unprofessional manner, experienced stalwarts resemble the meek freshers, and the ones we look up to need a few lessons from us.

Most people our age, the so called young adults put in our blood and flesh in our work. Unfortunately, the not so young adults refuse to acknowledge it.

It is an ironic story that 24 years old newbies have to find 50+ established 'Professionals'-- Unprofessional. And yet that is the story of our Professionals!

On a concluding note, I hope to come across more such people who help me understand the concepts of Professionalism etc.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gampi Bappa Morya

The Ganesh Festival has always been my THE MOST favorite festive of all times. You can check my English composition note books, essays, etc. Every single place under the title 'My favorite Festival', you'll only find Ganesh Festival.

The two days when Bappa would be in our house were days of sheer bliss. Just the atmosphere, the tempo, and the vibrations that filled my house is inexplicable.

So was the weird feeling in my gutt on the day of the visarjan...

Its been 11 years now since Bappa last stepped in our home. However the feeling is still the same as the festive comes and goes every year. However over the years I have delved more into the meaning of Bappa's agman and visarjan.

The more you know about it, the more you realize how much we are unaware... The more you understand the meaning, the more you realize how meaningless the extravagant celebrations have become.

Now when I see thousands and thousands of people standing in the line, and crores and crores of rupees spent, I feel really disheartened. Arey toh Bappa aahe, Lalbaug cha aso ki tumchya gharatlya devaratla, tumhala titkach prem karnar titkach aashirwad denar!

I feel such huge amount of time, energy, and money could be better spent by helping the needy. That would be the real Darshan of Bappa than his mere matichi murti...

Enough said. I love going to places jithe Bappa virajto. But having said that I would love to make Bappa happier by accomplishing what he made me to accomplish, for doing what he stands symbolic of...

So in the name of my Most Favorite Festival... Gampi Bappa Morya!!!