Wednesday, August 15, 2012


People boast of owning flashy cars. Having huge apartments. A job that pays out of measure. All the materialistic pleasures.

Men boast of having beautiful girlfriends. And many of them. Women boast about having influential boyfriends. And the cash they spend on them.

Teens boast of their 'in vogue' sense of living. Children of new cell phones, and toys. Oldies of strong bones and maintained poise.

I wonder if emotions ever stand a chance to be displayed. Ever hold a place to be shown off as prized possession! Or whether that would only mean 'melodramatization'.

Any way I'd love to show off how I feel. And more so, that I do feel. That too with all my zeal!

My emotions I'd boast of. My capability to emote. My courage to laugh, cry, to love, and at times to get angry. Everything that just makes me, Me.