Friday, August 10, 2012

Belief. Faith.

Belief changes the world. Faith makes even the impossible, possible...Believe that your dream would come true, and it does. Have faith in yourself, and in people who have faith in you. This faith makes the world the better place you knew.

When you'll look back at where it began, you'll see a weary picture of the past. Confusion and chaos, uncertainty at its peak. Disillusionment about self and everything around. But one thing would have survived, your belief...

Choose to hear the words that were meant to be heard. Become deaf to the words that were only meant to be spoken. The world at large, is kind and welcoming. It forgets as quickly as it judges. It accepts as easily at it dejects.

You step up first, and many will follow. You shell back, and you will be forgotten for ever. It up to you what you make of yourself. If you believe in your belief, or let someone's belief make you lose faith...

This one is for all those who rose from the ashes. The known and the unknown. The famous and the people next doors. Ones who dared to go beyond what the world believed in.

What they did sets them apart. What they do makes me what to take another step ahead. They lived up to those who had faith in them. And they instill hope in many around... I am one such blessed one to be touched by such people.

Their belief and faith has taught me to believe and have faith... Has changed my world, even made impossible, possible. The world seems better because of them. I feel stronger looking at them.