Saturday, July 21, 2012

A life to be cherished.

She wagged her tail,
And jumped of joy,
She'd follow their trail,
For company, she'd ploy.

She'd play around,
And wait for the petting,
Sleep in the ground,
For the belly rubbing.

Patches over her body,
Of colours black and white,
Made them name her Patchy,
She was their delight...

One day in the morning,
She didn't come to greet,
They started worrying,
When the spotted her asleep,

They went closer to look,
She looked really pale,
She neither moved nor shook,
No one could tell her tale.

They looked for help,
None came for rescue,
They all wanted to yelp,
Nothing else they could do.

Some feelingless being,
Had hit her with his car,
And then went on to fleeing,
Leaving Patchy scarred.

Now she lays on the ground,
While they dig her grave,
And as they put her down,
They try to be brave.

With tears filled eyes,
They give her the last kiss,
They bid her good bye,
Dear Patchy, you'll be missed.

So next time you drive,
Put your speed on a leash,
Even the life of our furry friends,
Is a life to be cherished.