Sunday, July 29, 2012


“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” 
--- Carl Gustav Jung.

I woke up much before my regular Sunday waking hours only for the last episode of Satyameva Jayate. I have followed it through the previous 12 episodes, and wanted to catch the grand finale as well.

And indeed it was a grand finale! Hope and satisfaction. Of change and of a better future.

The shows has kindled lights in thousands of hearts, minds, and in people. In me... Not only the desire to change, but the faith that I make a difference.

In a small way, I can change the world. I can change me, I can change my world. Spread smiles, spread hope, enrich lives. And many such small deeds put together makes a revolution for change...

SMJ is the start of that revolution. All my gratitude to Aamir Khan and his team...Hats off! Hoping for a Season II soon. And praying that its pilot episode will see India in new light. The better, changed motherland. [And wishing that next season will cover our furry friends too :) ]

As Carl Jung rightly put it, we have discerned the purpose of our existence. Its only about time that we kindle the light!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I wanted to be...

When I was younger I would often be asked what I wanted to be in life. As far as I remember my answer was a business woman.

And I remember the reason to... It was because my father is a business man and since I want to make him proud, I am going to take over his work...

Years passed, things changed. Realization dawned that my interests are far different than what my father does. And by gods grace and my parents, I was supported in my decisions by all who mattered the most to me.

Yes there were people to pull me down, demotivate, and criticize. But it feels incomparable to see things materialize.

Thinking out of the box paid me off. Doing what I love has paid me well too...

A midst all this I have had great pillars of strength to hold me if I falter. I did, still do as I take baby steps towards something I am trying to mold.

But life has been a movie, and one worth watching. I just want to thank all the makers and the audience to have made it so pleasurable... A long way to go, with one or two milestone achieved...

Yes. I wanted to be a Business woman. Yes... I am one!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A life to be cherished.

She wagged her tail,
And jumped of joy,
She'd follow their trail,
For company, she'd ploy.

She'd play around,
And wait for the petting,
Sleep in the ground,
For the belly rubbing.

Patches over her body,
Of colours black and white,
Made them name her Patchy,
She was their delight...

One day in the morning,
She didn't come to greet,
They started worrying,
When the spotted her asleep,

They went closer to look,
She looked really pale,
She neither moved nor shook,
No one could tell her tale.

They looked for help,
None came for rescue,
They all wanted to yelp,
Nothing else they could do.

Some feelingless being,
Had hit her with his car,
And then went on to fleeing,
Leaving Patchy scarred.

Now she lays on the ground,
While they dig her grave,
And as they put her down,
They try to be brave.

With tears filled eyes,
They give her the last kiss,
They bid her good bye,
Dear Patchy, you'll be missed.

So next time you drive,
Put your speed on a leash,
Even the life of our furry friends,
Is a life to be cherished.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


All this while...
I thought you were a child,
To be guided and lead,
To be pushed ahead...

All this while...
I'd try to make you smile,
With that lovely dimple,
Everything looked simple.

All this while...
This while traveled miles,
Today you're an adult,
All set to catapult...

All this while,
You're growing versatile,
Not Princess, now you're a Queen,
Enjoy lil one, Happy Eighteen!