Friday, June 29, 2012

Ahimsa, Zindabad

I always find myself in the middle of a scenario where it is difficult to tell what is justified and what isn't... So I often leave it on my sensibilities to take action that deems fit in the situation.

I had one such fascinating experience recently. Traveling in the BEST AC bus, I whiled away my time chatting with a friend or two. It was fun, but I wanted to be home quick and then meet another client in about 30 mins.

Suddenly the bus screeched to a halt.I thought its the usual rash driving. The driver was rash! But realized that another heavy vehicle along side wanted to have some fun cornering the bus.

No, it was not fatal. It wasn't something that could have been responsible for the death of all boarding the bus. But people love exaggeration. And the herd mentality just adds icing to the cake.

So as the driver stopped in the middle of the road and went to tackle the smart ass truck driver, few middle aged uncles found it to their fancy to giggle, smile and shout 'maro maro' as they followed the bus driver.

Few just sat watching the free show. It was amusing for them.While others were totally indifferent. Oblivious.

Somehow my sensibilities could not really rationalize with blocking the high way traffic just so that a group of people could manhandle the truck driver... So I got off and asked everyone to stop the violence.

Most stopped it, quite undeterred by the act in itself. One particular uncle shouted at me trying to justify the whacking! God... I was in the same bus, and needless to say I love my life as much as these uncles.

I think what was even more fascinating is the fact that we humans live in different parallels really... As I returned to the bus, I saw a lady occupying my seat. She had her own but somehow found the place where I sat more alluring! It was hilarious... I couldn't believe how she could think of switching seats then!

Amazing right! With no patience left to argue I just sat on another vacant seat facing the bus, with every single passenger staring at me as if I were an alien.

So many things just suddenly seemed jarring to me about the world we live in. Survival of the fittest, herd mentality, age factor, and of course gender bias. Not to forget the hypocrisy as well. We talk of Gandhi and enjoy Munnabhai... But follow only otherwise.

People who call themselves the 'Upper Middle Class' so to say, forget their class. The liberals forget liberty. And the equals forget equality. I had been judged more by the women on the bus than the men.

As I sit to narrate my entire experience, I can laugh it off. But it is definitely food for thought. Ahimsa, Zindabad.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Every time I see the rains,
I get a feeling that's insane.

To catch all the raindrops,
To just go around and slop.

To jump and splash the water,
To breathe the fragrance of nature.

To just randomly run around,
To lie peacefully on the wet ground.

And while I think of doing all this,
In me, I get a feeling of sheer bliss.

But do you know what's the funniest of all?
I do not like to get wet in the rainfalls.

So I only imagine this by my window pane,
As I see the downpours of the rain!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13th

Old note books by the side,
A new confidence in the stride,
Head is held up, in pride...
The past is being put aside.
It's a new beginning today,
My new year at school starts today ;)

Sunday, June 3, 2012


The prettiest smile I ever saw.
A heart that is without any flaw.
The love as pure as priceless gold.
The glint in eyes that never gets old.
A zeal inside that never wears out.
The trust and faith without any doubt.
The warm hugs that never cool down.
A face so pretty, it never frowns.
A person like her you'll find no other.
She's my sweetest...My beautiful mother.