Monday, April 16, 2012

To Give Up!

It is awfully painful for me to give up on old things.

Every thing I use makes a special place in my life and then it get increasingly difficult for me to let go. If you want examples for clarity, I can give you plenty.

I still have my favorite frock I wore when I was 8. I have my first barbie and soft toy. Dont really know how old I was then.

I have all my toy cars in a huge bottle type jar (Barni in Marathi). Hundreds of messages in my inbox which date more than a couple of years back. And sssooo many other things that go way back in time.

It is needless to say that this trait is true to the people in my life too. So you can sum up by saying that I am resistant to change. Well yes. It is a challenge to accept, but its true.

What makes it even worse is the fact that I am supremely stubborn. To make it even painfully honest, dominating!

So giving up on something that has been mine, even if it has become completely redundant is extremely agonizing.

And even though I love welcoming new things with open arms and a cheerful smile, I just cannot replace the old one's with them.

Things are always replaceable. Better technology always defeats obsolete. And age replaces the rest. We know it. We even accept it. More so because we cannot do much to change it.

But is that really the case with people? Relationships, friends, family, pets? I guess not! Life sure makes place for new people... Yet, never giving up the place for the old.

Those kaput things are irreplaceable in our lives... Our first toy, favorite clothing, that old quilt comfort no new one can get, first message on your first cell phone, and so many other.

They will always remain an integral part of everything in our lives...

After a real long time, I have actually thought about every small thing that was difficult for me to let go. Now when I look back at those, it brings a smile on my face with a slight pinch in my heart.

I sure do miss them.Would have loved to still have them. And yet am happy to know that they were mine, and will always remain!