Thursday, April 12, 2012

Real Fiction

Reality gives birth to fiction. And fiction inspires what is real. It is vicious circle. No one really knows what comes first one what really follows.

When I see some work of fiction, I often think to myself if that really happens in life for real...

Those congenial strangers meeting in serendipity. Or a couple who is a product of a marriage of convenience trying to find comfort in their awkward relationship.

It gives me a weird feeling watching it, and a longing of wanting to feel it.

In that desperation, often I often find reassuring myself that it is only a means of entertainment... A figment of someone's imagination.

Or may be not... It could be a real life experience wanting to be relived again...

There is a fine line between virtual and real. Entertainment and life. Fiction and reality. And somehow each is a gift of the other.

Things that are unattainable in real are often mesmerizing when seen in fiction.

And what we cannot get from fiction, life gifts it to us to live.

The point being that either which ways, we experience it. I am hoping though that some of these nuances I enjoyed watching as someone's imaginative fancy, inspire my reality too.