Friday, April 13, 2012


He hangs on up your face,
Makes you feel abase,
Brings your love disgrace,
Oh my God! He's sucha waste!

To sleep he just falls,
While with you on the call,
Him- you want to maul,
He doesn't deserve you at all!

All you wanna do is talk,
But he is unfeeling like a rock,
Feels like you're being mocked,
Your feelings within you- locked!

But people like him make you feel...
You yourself are a blessing-- you see,
For your love you wouldn't be deigned,
Cuz' you are such a wonderful human being!

It is a loss he didnt see that in you,
But cuz of him you know its true...
People like him exist- they just do,
Yet the world still has people like you too!!!