Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dear God III

Dear God,
I write to you again. This time it is only going to be a short account of one of the most special days I have had so far. And no points for guessing, it was my 24th Birthday.

Ever since I was a little girl, my birthdays have been the most awaited events of the year. A grand one. The credit goes to my parents to have always made it to be like a festival. Wishes, gifts, and that inexplicable feeling of it being only my day. Nothing could steal it away from me.

After 24 years, absolutely none of it has changed. In fact it has only become even more grand. Every person around me still makes me feel like a princess that day. I have this overwhelming feeling from within.

It is true that I am turning a year older. Many would not really consider it as a happy moment. But for me, it still remains that one day of the year I wait for most eagerly...

It ain't only about the material luxuries. The gifts and the presents. But it is about the wishes, the blessings, and me making myself feel special. People I not in touch with the entire year make it a point to bless me that day. Friends, families, and even acquaintances. I get calls from overseas... Dubai, US, Australia.

I pamper myself that day and give in to all the temptations and luxuries. There is absolutely no trace of denial. It is an esctatic feeling.

And so it was even today. Apart from all the hugs and kisses, which are priceless, my Baba gifted me a phone. My Aai paid for my relaxing day at spa and made the most superlicious lunch slogging for me the whole day. My lil sister bought me footwear and ordered the most yummy rum cake. Achu treated me with everything I love. And the gang of my closest friends made it a full house for dinner!

Could I have asked for anything more? I dont think so. And yet there was. Thousands of wishes on calls, Whatsapp, and Facebook. I haven't replied to most yet but plan to do it soon...

So dear God, make sure to make all my Birthdays as special. Always. And I know you will. You don't really have a choice since you have given me such wonderful people around!

Thank You Dear God,
I am Glad you Love me.

Monday, April 16, 2012

To Give Up!

It is awfully painful for me to give up on old things.

Every thing I use makes a special place in my life and then it get increasingly difficult for me to let go. If you want examples for clarity, I can give you plenty.

I still have my favorite frock I wore when I was 8. I have my first barbie and soft toy. Dont really know how old I was then.

I have all my toy cars in a huge bottle type jar (Barni in Marathi). Hundreds of messages in my inbox which date more than a couple of years back. And sssooo many other things that go way back in time.

It is needless to say that this trait is true to the people in my life too. So you can sum up by saying that I am resistant to change. Well yes. It is a challenge to accept, but its true.

What makes it even worse is the fact that I am supremely stubborn. To make it even painfully honest, dominating!

So giving up on something that has been mine, even if it has become completely redundant is extremely agonizing.

And even though I love welcoming new things with open arms and a cheerful smile, I just cannot replace the old one's with them.

Things are always replaceable. Better technology always defeats obsolete. And age replaces the rest. We know it. We even accept it. More so because we cannot do much to change it.

But is that really the case with people? Relationships, friends, family, pets? I guess not! Life sure makes place for new people... Yet, never giving up the place for the old.

Those kaput things are irreplaceable in our lives... Our first toy, favorite clothing, that old quilt comfort no new one can get, first message on your first cell phone, and so many other.

They will always remain an integral part of everything in our lives...

After a real long time, I have actually thought about every small thing that was difficult for me to let go. Now when I look back at those, it brings a smile on my face with a slight pinch in my heart.

I sure do miss them.Would have loved to still have them. And yet am happy to know that they were mine, and will always remain!

Friday, April 13, 2012


He hangs on up your face,
Makes you feel abase,
Brings your love disgrace,
Oh my God! He's sucha waste!

To sleep he just falls,
While with you on the call,
Him- you want to maul,
He doesn't deserve you at all!

All you wanna do is talk,
But he is unfeeling like a rock,
Feels like you're being mocked,
Your feelings within you- locked!

But people like him make you feel...
You yourself are a blessing-- you see,
For your love you wouldn't be deigned,
Cuz' you are such a wonderful human being!

It is a loss he didnt see that in you,
But cuz of him you know its true...
People like him exist- they just do,
Yet the world still has people like you too!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Real Fiction

Reality gives birth to fiction. And fiction inspires what is real. It is vicious circle. No one really knows what comes first one what really follows.

When I see some work of fiction, I often think to myself if that really happens in life for real...

Those congenial strangers meeting in serendipity. Or a couple who is a product of a marriage of convenience trying to find comfort in their awkward relationship.

It gives me a weird feeling watching it, and a longing of wanting to feel it.

In that desperation, often I often find reassuring myself that it is only a means of entertainment... A figment of someone's imagination.

Or may be not... It could be a real life experience wanting to be relived again...

There is a fine line between virtual and real. Entertainment and life. Fiction and reality. And somehow each is a gift of the other.

Things that are unattainable in real are often mesmerizing when seen in fiction.

And what we cannot get from fiction, life gifts it to us to live.

The point being that either which ways, we experience it. I am hoping though that some of these nuances I enjoyed watching as someone's imaginative fancy, inspire my reality too.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not Love!

Just your thought...
Doubles my heart rate,
Pumps blood to my head,
Makes me go outta breath...
Making me feel I have lost it!

People ask me if it is love...
Days of romantic wine and dine
I reply, 'I aint doing fine...
It's just again exam time!'