Thursday, March 8, 2012


A flame burns in me,
Its burning for a while,
I know not why it is lives,
But is bright and agile.

Unknowingly I fueled it,
And also let it breathe,
There came a time it blazed,
Till I couldn't bear its heat.

The flame turned into fire,
I knew not what to do,
And attempts to pacify it,
Only led to more ado.

Craving for some comfort,
Better-- I wanted to feel,
And then found my solace,
As the bruise began to heal,

Soft touches and blows,
Of love and affection,
The burning was dying off...
The feeling-- near perfection.

I know what led the fire,
It was that of being alone.
I know what made it fuse off,
Companionship- my life adorned.