Monday, February 6, 2012

Tongues, Tails, and Tears

Tears blur my vision as I set to write this one. I am very sensitive to certain things. But this is one thing that has, and will always manage to move and affect me for life.

Reluctantly, yet irresistibly I saw few minutes of the movie Hachiko. Some may laugh at my inessential expression of emotion and my ability to cry over every small little things. Friends have even tried convincing me at how the movie is a cute one showing his loyalty to the professor.

Somehow, I disagree. Yes it is cute how Hachiko waits for him. But thinking of the fact that he spent mere 3 years of his life with the professor and nearly 10 years waiting for home makes me antsy.

Though Richard Gere's Hachiko died a comparatively peaceful death, dreaming of his master and their spirits meeting again, the real Hachiko died of terminal cancer. It was a movie, and I should let go. And the real Hachiko chose it for himself to devote his entire life to the long haul. But I really do hope that the spirits of Hachi and his master did reunite.

Blame it on the fact that I am a dog lover. But I doubt even someone otherwise could be insensitive to this. I really do not know what I am writing for today. There is no message, or point to tell. Neither a story to narrate. It is just a meager attempt to let out what remains in me after watching the last few minutes of the film.

Let this be just a small tribute from me to Hachi and all my pawed friends for the selfless love, affection, and care. For staying home while we work and then licking us when we return. For wagging tails, and cuddling up. For tolerating our mood swings and waking them up mid sleep. Even for those who stay on the streets and yet love me unconditionally... And for just being there. ALWAYS!

As for me and my over sensitive heart, I will just change channels than watching such movies again. They are cute and have a strong message. But I guess I have plenty live examples around me to know better for myself!