Saturday, January 21, 2012


The only thing that is absolutely real is your consciousness. Everything else goes on changing. That which goes on changing is an appearance — don’t get identified with it. You are the unchanging divine, you are the unchanging godliness.
- Osho

Change is the only constant. An established fact that we learn with experience. We resist and desist, till it defeats us. With that defeat comes acceptance. That acceptance brings in another constant- another change.

As humans, it is believed, that resisting change is in our nature. It is something that defines us. But more than often we defy this belief and welcome changes that bring goodness to our lives, enriching it.

So that makes us question 'forever'. Everyone of us has gone through this questioning phase. Only few are assuaged by the answer. I am glad to be one of them.

Forever exists. That which remains unchanged. In the words of Osho- it is divine and godliness.

After almost a decade, four 20 something's met at "The Star". A place they met everyday to play 'chippi chippi' and 'dhappa dhappa' years earlier. A feeling of nostalgia lingered in the eyes and hearts of each of them.

Each had taken up a path like no other in their respective lives. Yes- change had taken over them. They were no longer the 9 year old's in funny looking 'frocks' coming down to play...

Each was articulate in thoughts and words, with a clear vision for the future in minds and hearts. 

As the day unfolded, it adorned itself with laughter and talks. Talks of past, present, and future. It unraveled something that defined forever. 

These little girls, now young adults had grown with experience of the last decade. But within, they still connected as the little dolls waiting for 7pm to meet at the Star!

While sitting with my oldest friends over lunch, I experienced 'the Real'. The consciousness. While talking and listening to them I learnt that time has worked on us. Yes it all looked different- the appearance. 

And amidst  all this was the biggest realization- the unchanged and the forever! Even though we met after a decade, the connection, bond, and comfort remained undeterred. The consciousness remained real and clear. 

I found my unchanging divine. I found my unchanging godliness. Yes, I found my 'forever'

Thank You- Disha, Ritika, and Vaidehi for being there and showing me what we hardly ever see!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

If Words Could Express

If words could express,
Then talks could tell,
How you feel...
And your desires- heartfelt!

If words could express,
Then they could prove,
That they are...
The most powerful tool!

If words could express,
Tears would not exist,
Neither would the hugs,
Nor the feelings with a twist!

If words could express,
You wouldn't misunderstand,
Cuz' whatever I spell out,
Would clearly show my stand!

If words could express,
Creativity would go amiss,
If words could really express,
Would life be a bane or bliss???

If words could express,
What would expression be?
An heartfelt emotion...
Or mere A, B C D...?

Monday, January 16, 2012

While You're Gone!

Lying in my bed,
Staring at the wall,
Cellphone in my hand,
Hoping you'd call!

Feeling restless,
Completely forlorn...
Life seems difficult,
While you're gone!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Curled inside the egg shell,
Warm and unaware,
Waiting inside for the unknown,
Oblivion was its lair...

One day the shell cracked,
And it broke its daze...
There came the caterpillar,
Underneath the Sun's rays...

It laid in the flowers,
And all it did was ate,
Things were less easier now,
It was realizing its fate...

Soon, things changed,
It were no more so free...
Caught inside the Pupa,
It felt really seized!

It failed to see though,
The Metamorphosis was done,
It emerged as a Butterfly,
A beautiful, beautiful one!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello's and Good Bye's

New years are always symbolic of new beginnings. I also always believed in that. But recently I have been wondering if there is another aspect to it!

Well, considering that we leave all that we did in the past 365 behind and embark on a new journey for the next, I can understand why it is about starting afresh and all of that.

But think of it in this way- instead of the so called new beginnings, it could also simply mean old endings. We dont have to begin everything fresh since it is a new year.

New year could also, in some senses, mean putting an end to certain things that need to seek closures.

Honestly, can we really start new without making sure that the preceding events have reached their maturity, or even expiry?

Do new chapters really begin without reading through the previous ones completely? Does the Sun really rise without it setting the previous evening?

The answer to all of the above questions, to my just about average mind, heart, and brain is a NO.

So this new years eve, while all spoke of all the things they wanted to venture, and of resolutions and exciting new things, I sat in a corner alone thinking of all the things I needed to end.

Of the incomplete resolutions and unfinished businesses. Of half felt emotions and undone relationships.

It may seem like an unusual way to begin 2012. It surely does seem a bit weird to me as well. But I suppose then amidst all the endings that I plan on conquering, this infact is a new beginning.

Hello's are awesome. There is always a thrill for a new hello and hi.

But I think it takes much more courage for a warm good bye. I wish to be courageous this year. Want to explore that side of me which I have not really meddled with in the past.

So here's wishing you all a very Happy 2012. May this year bring us all lot of new hello's.

As for me, I am really looking forward to finishing all the half way left Good Bye's. :)

Hoping that 2012 gets me brave enough to all of them!