Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gone are the days...

Gone are the days,
When we laughed at silly things,
Went to the park, swung on swings,
When to our mom's, we'd cling!

Gone are the days,
When we used to be confused,
When our knees were perennially bruised,
When for mistakes, we're excused.

Things have changed,
For better or for worse,
They have changed,
For all of us.
Things have changed,
Everything that we did,
Gone are the days...
When we were kids!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


She's been an inspiration,
Even a tool of my divination,
A source of my imagination,
A boost to my determination.

She is strength personified,
Works non stop day and night,
To my darkness, she gives light,
To all my wrongs, she makes right.

She's the epitome of love and care,
She brings happiness in times of despair,
In times difficult, she becomes my lair,
Such a woman, to find is rare!

So I thank you God. for her ways,
To hold me tight, not letting me stray,
And one last thing I'd love to say,
Dear Aai, Happy Birthday

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Good Things

If you believe in destiny and in fate,
Have seen both scarcity and spate,
Then you know it ain't really late,
Cuz' good things come to those who wait!

You may love it, or you may hate.
Agree with it, or completely berate,
But it's a fact you can't evade,
That good things come to those who wait.

You need not start from a clean slate,
Do not even need to feel like bait,
Just know this and you'll feel great,
Good things will come as you wait.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Professionalism etc.

Recently I had been for an interview. I freelance so go for interviews more often than others. It was a new, but fancy place. They took a demo of my work and almost an hour long interview by the Director himself!

It was a great experience to talk about my work, skills, and passion. Yea yea I know it sound cliche, but true nevertheless. At the end my interviewer told me he felt I was fit for an even better assignment than what I had applied for.

I was asked to make a module and mail him in the next couple of days which I did...

You know the amazing part is, even after constant reminders for feedback, I have not yet received one. Its been over a couple of weeks now...

It is funny how in the world of Corporate lifestyle, where Professionalism is supposed to be the walk and talk to the town, professionals act in the most unprofessional manner, experienced stalwarts resemble the meek freshers, and the ones we look up to need a few lessons from us.

Most people our age, the so called young adults put in our blood and flesh in our work. Unfortunately, the not so young adults refuse to acknowledge it.

It is an ironic story that 24 years old newbies have to find 50+ established 'Professionals'-- Unprofessional. And yet that is the story of our Professionals!

On a concluding note, I hope to come across more such people who help me understand the concepts of Professionalism etc.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gampi Bappa Morya

The Ganesh Festival has always been my THE MOST favorite festive of all times. You can check my English composition note books, essays, etc. Every single place under the title 'My favorite Festival', you'll only find Ganesh Festival.

The two days when Bappa would be in our house were days of sheer bliss. Just the atmosphere, the tempo, and the vibrations that filled my house is inexplicable.

So was the weird feeling in my gutt on the day of the visarjan...

Its been 11 years now since Bappa last stepped in our home. However the feeling is still the same as the festive comes and goes every year. However over the years I have delved more into the meaning of Bappa's agman and visarjan.

The more you know about it, the more you realize how much we are unaware... The more you understand the meaning, the more you realize how meaningless the extravagant celebrations have become.

Now when I see thousands and thousands of people standing in the line, and crores and crores of rupees spent, I feel really disheartened. Arey toh Bappa aahe, Lalbaug cha aso ki tumchya gharatlya devaratla, tumhala titkach prem karnar titkach aashirwad denar!

I feel such huge amount of time, energy, and money could be better spent by helping the needy. That would be the real Darshan of Bappa than his mere matichi murti...

Enough said. I love going to places jithe Bappa virajto. But having said that I would love to make Bappa happier by accomplishing what he made me to accomplish, for doing what he stands symbolic of...

So in the name of my Most Favorite Festival... Gampi Bappa Morya!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Day That Wasn't

This isn't how its meant to be,
This wasn't our destiny,
Why can't you just see?
What has happened of you and me!

It all now seems convenient,
To be and remain abeyant,
To think about the times ebullient,
And know that we lived in a day that wasn't.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


People boast of owning flashy cars. Having huge apartments. A job that pays out of measure. All the materialistic pleasures.

Men boast of having beautiful girlfriends. And many of them. Women boast about having influential boyfriends. And the cash they spend on them.

Teens boast of their 'in vogue' sense of living. Children of new cell phones, and toys. Oldies of strong bones and maintained poise.

I wonder if emotions ever stand a chance to be displayed. Ever hold a place to be shown off as prized possession! Or whether that would only mean 'melodramatization'.

Any way I'd love to show off how I feel. And more so, that I do feel. That too with all my zeal!

My emotions I'd boast of. My capability to emote. My courage to laugh, cry, to love, and at times to get angry. Everything that just makes me, Me.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Movie, Alone!

I went for a movie alone,
What a crazy thing to be done,
I thought for a long time,
If I should really carry on.

I went for a movie alone,
Asked ticket for just one,
At first it was awkward,
Didn't think it'd be so much fun...

I went for a movie alone,
Was scanned through weird glares,
But at the end of it,
I achieved for what I went there!

I went for a movie alone,
Sat in the corner seat,
I really wanted my space,
I sought some inner peace.

I went for a movie alone,
Knew not what it was about,
But as time went by,
I heard myself laughing aloud!

I went for a movie alone,
Something never done before,
But I am sure to repeat it,
Since I enjoyed Ice Age 4.

I went for a movie alone,
It was full of lovable characters,
Each trying to find their solace,
They could not be deterred...

I went to for a movie alone,
It had all the elements in it,
There were laughs and tears,
It all, for me, a big hit.

I went for a movie alone.
And while in it I couldn't but think,
Somethings should be done alone,
To get everything else in sync!

I went for a movie alone,
I wanted to do something different,
To be spaced from everyone...
To spend some time by myself,

I went for a movie alone,
Oh! What a blast I had,
It was a crazy thing to do,
But I did it, I'm glad!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Belief. Faith.

Belief changes the world. Faith makes even the impossible, possible...Believe that your dream would come true, and it does. Have faith in yourself, and in people who have faith in you. This faith makes the world the better place you knew.

When you'll look back at where it began, you'll see a weary picture of the past. Confusion and chaos, uncertainty at its peak. Disillusionment about self and everything around. But one thing would have survived, your belief...

Choose to hear the words that were meant to be heard. Become deaf to the words that were only meant to be spoken. The world at large, is kind and welcoming. It forgets as quickly as it judges. It accepts as easily at it dejects.

You step up first, and many will follow. You shell back, and you will be forgotten for ever. It up to you what you make of yourself. If you believe in your belief, or let someone's belief make you lose faith...

This one is for all those who rose from the ashes. The known and the unknown. The famous and the people next doors. Ones who dared to go beyond what the world believed in.

What they did sets them apart. What they do makes me what to take another step ahead. They lived up to those who had faith in them. And they instill hope in many around... I am one such blessed one to be touched by such people.

Their belief and faith has taught me to believe and have faith... Has changed my world, even made impossible, possible. The world seems better because of them. I feel stronger looking at them.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” 
--- Carl Gustav Jung.

I woke up much before my regular Sunday waking hours only for the last episode of Satyameva Jayate. I have followed it through the previous 12 episodes, and wanted to catch the grand finale as well.

And indeed it was a grand finale! Hope and satisfaction. Of change and of a better future.

The shows has kindled lights in thousands of hearts, minds, and in people. In me... Not only the desire to change, but the faith that I make a difference.

In a small way, I can change the world. I can change me, I can change my world. Spread smiles, spread hope, enrich lives. And many such small deeds put together makes a revolution for change...

SMJ is the start of that revolution. All my gratitude to Aamir Khan and his team...Hats off! Hoping for a Season II soon. And praying that its pilot episode will see India in new light. The better, changed motherland. [And wishing that next season will cover our furry friends too :) ]

As Carl Jung rightly put it, we have discerned the purpose of our existence. Its only about time that we kindle the light!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I wanted to be...

When I was younger I would often be asked what I wanted to be in life. As far as I remember my answer was a business woman.

And I remember the reason to... It was because my father is a business man and since I want to make him proud, I am going to take over his work...

Years passed, things changed. Realization dawned that my interests are far different than what my father does. And by gods grace and my parents, I was supported in my decisions by all who mattered the most to me.

Yes there were people to pull me down, demotivate, and criticize. But it feels incomparable to see things materialize.

Thinking out of the box paid me off. Doing what I love has paid me well too...

A midst all this I have had great pillars of strength to hold me if I falter. I did, still do as I take baby steps towards something I am trying to mold.

But life has been a movie, and one worth watching. I just want to thank all the makers and the audience to have made it so pleasurable... A long way to go, with one or two milestone achieved...

Yes. I wanted to be a Business woman. Yes... I am one!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A life to be cherished.

She wagged her tail,
And jumped of joy,
She'd follow their trail,
For company, she'd ploy.

She'd play around,
And wait for the petting,
Sleep in the ground,
For the belly rubbing.

Patches over her body,
Of colours black and white,
Made them name her Patchy,
She was their delight...

One day in the morning,
She didn't come to greet,
They started worrying,
When the spotted her asleep,

They went closer to look,
She looked really pale,
She neither moved nor shook,
No one could tell her tale.

They looked for help,
None came for rescue,
They all wanted to yelp,
Nothing else they could do.

Some feelingless being,
Had hit her with his car,
And then went on to fleeing,
Leaving Patchy scarred.

Now she lays on the ground,
While they dig her grave,
And as they put her down,
They try to be brave.

With tears filled eyes,
They give her the last kiss,
They bid her good bye,
Dear Patchy, you'll be missed.

So next time you drive,
Put your speed on a leash,
Even the life of our furry friends,
Is a life to be cherished.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


All this while...
I thought you were a child,
To be guided and lead,
To be pushed ahead...

All this while...
I'd try to make you smile,
With that lovely dimple,
Everything looked simple.

All this while...
This while traveled miles,
Today you're an adult,
All set to catapult...

All this while,
You're growing versatile,
Not Princess, now you're a Queen,
Enjoy lil one, Happy Eighteen!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Ahimsa, Zindabad

I always find myself in the middle of a scenario where it is difficult to tell what is justified and what isn't... So I often leave it on my sensibilities to take action that deems fit in the situation.

I had one such fascinating experience recently. Traveling in the BEST AC bus, I whiled away my time chatting with a friend or two. It was fun, but I wanted to be home quick and then meet another client in about 30 mins.

Suddenly the bus screeched to a halt.I thought its the usual rash driving. The driver was rash! But realized that another heavy vehicle along side wanted to have some fun cornering the bus.

No, it was not fatal. It wasn't something that could have been responsible for the death of all boarding the bus. But people love exaggeration. And the herd mentality just adds icing to the cake.

So as the driver stopped in the middle of the road and went to tackle the smart ass truck driver, few middle aged uncles found it to their fancy to giggle, smile and shout 'maro maro' as they followed the bus driver.

Few just sat watching the free show. It was amusing for them.While others were totally indifferent. Oblivious.

Somehow my sensibilities could not really rationalize with blocking the high way traffic just so that a group of people could manhandle the truck driver... So I got off and asked everyone to stop the violence.

Most stopped it, quite undeterred by the act in itself. One particular uncle shouted at me trying to justify the whacking! God... I was in the same bus, and needless to say I love my life as much as these uncles.

I think what was even more fascinating is the fact that we humans live in different parallels really... As I returned to the bus, I saw a lady occupying my seat. She had her own but somehow found the place where I sat more alluring! It was hilarious... I couldn't believe how she could think of switching seats then!

Amazing right! With no patience left to argue I just sat on another vacant seat facing the bus, with every single passenger staring at me as if I were an alien.

So many things just suddenly seemed jarring to me about the world we live in. Survival of the fittest, herd mentality, age factor, and of course gender bias. Not to forget the hypocrisy as well. We talk of Gandhi and enjoy Munnabhai... But follow only otherwise.

People who call themselves the 'Upper Middle Class' so to say, forget their class. The liberals forget liberty. And the equals forget equality. I had been judged more by the women on the bus than the men.

As I sit to narrate my entire experience, I can laugh it off. But it is definitely food for thought. Ahimsa, Zindabad.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Every time I see the rains,
I get a feeling that's insane.

To catch all the raindrops,
To just go around and slop.

To jump and splash the water,
To breathe the fragrance of nature.

To just randomly run around,
To lie peacefully on the wet ground.

And while I think of doing all this,
In me, I get a feeling of sheer bliss.

But do you know what's the funniest of all?
I do not like to get wet in the rainfalls.

So I only imagine this by my window pane,
As I see the downpours of the rain!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13th

Old note books by the side,
A new confidence in the stride,
Head is held up, in pride...
The past is being put aside.
It's a new beginning today,
My new year at school starts today ;)

Sunday, June 3, 2012


The prettiest smile I ever saw.
A heart that is without any flaw.
The love as pure as priceless gold.
The glint in eyes that never gets old.
A zeal inside that never wears out.
The trust and faith without any doubt.
The warm hugs that never cool down.
A face so pretty, it never frowns.
A person like her you'll find no other.
She's my sweetest...My beautiful mother.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Food for Thought.

My brain is feeling dead,
My stomach is empty,
My head is just spinning,
I am lacking energy.
My body needs sustenance,
Not food, that I've got!
It is more for my being,
I need Food for Thought!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Love

He is my first love,
Will always be,
Like for every daughter,
Is her Daddy.

I'd stay up late,
To see him back,
Spend hours sitting,
Comfortably on his lap...

The best looking bloke,
He was the handsomest,
And I always knew,
That my Baba is bestest!

Years later, nothings changed,
I just wanna say...
I love You Baba...
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012


A plunge into my world of dreams,
Where I live my fantasy,
A world of my imagination,
Apart from all the four dimensions.

The world here has another view,
Nothing that you ever knew,
I am loving it here the best,
To sit back and just de stress...

And then I hear a loud 'THUD'
I feel my head filled with blood,
Its all over, the dream's been broken,
From my sleep, I have been woken!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


To touch the stars in the sky,
To take everything that meets the eye,
To be able to spread out my wings and fly,
All this and more, I want to try.

Don't write me off, or judge me,
Don't think I am being flimsy,
Cuz' soon you will be able to see,
That I have created my own Galaxy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dear God III

Dear God,
I write to you again. This time it is only going to be a short account of one of the most special days I have had so far. And no points for guessing, it was my 24th Birthday.

Ever since I was a little girl, my birthdays have been the most awaited events of the year. A grand one. The credit goes to my parents to have always made it to be like a festival. Wishes, gifts, and that inexplicable feeling of it being only my day. Nothing could steal it away from me.

After 24 years, absolutely none of it has changed. In fact it has only become even more grand. Every person around me still makes me feel like a princess that day. I have this overwhelming feeling from within.

It is true that I am turning a year older. Many would not really consider it as a happy moment. But for me, it still remains that one day of the year I wait for most eagerly...

It ain't only about the material luxuries. The gifts and the presents. But it is about the wishes, the blessings, and me making myself feel special. People I not in touch with the entire year make it a point to bless me that day. Friends, families, and even acquaintances. I get calls from overseas... Dubai, US, Australia.

I pamper myself that day and give in to all the temptations and luxuries. There is absolutely no trace of denial. It is an esctatic feeling.

And so it was even today. Apart from all the hugs and kisses, which are priceless, my Baba gifted me a phone. My Aai paid for my relaxing day at spa and made the most superlicious lunch slogging for me the whole day. My lil sister bought me footwear and ordered the most yummy rum cake. Achu treated me with everything I love. And the gang of my closest friends made it a full house for dinner!

Could I have asked for anything more? I dont think so. And yet there was. Thousands of wishes on calls, Whatsapp, and Facebook. I haven't replied to most yet but plan to do it soon...

So dear God, make sure to make all my Birthdays as special. Always. And I know you will. You don't really have a choice since you have given me such wonderful people around!

Thank You Dear God,
I am Glad you Love me.

Monday, April 16, 2012

To Give Up!

It is awfully painful for me to give up on old things.

Every thing I use makes a special place in my life and then it get increasingly difficult for me to let go. If you want examples for clarity, I can give you plenty.

I still have my favorite frock I wore when I was 8. I have my first barbie and soft toy. Dont really know how old I was then.

I have all my toy cars in a huge bottle type jar (Barni in Marathi). Hundreds of messages in my inbox which date more than a couple of years back. And sssooo many other things that go way back in time.

It is needless to say that this trait is true to the people in my life too. So you can sum up by saying that I am resistant to change. Well yes. It is a challenge to accept, but its true.

What makes it even worse is the fact that I am supremely stubborn. To make it even painfully honest, dominating!

So giving up on something that has been mine, even if it has become completely redundant is extremely agonizing.

And even though I love welcoming new things with open arms and a cheerful smile, I just cannot replace the old one's with them.

Things are always replaceable. Better technology always defeats obsolete. And age replaces the rest. We know it. We even accept it. More so because we cannot do much to change it.

But is that really the case with people? Relationships, friends, family, pets? I guess not! Life sure makes place for new people... Yet, never giving up the place for the old.

Those kaput things are irreplaceable in our lives... Our first toy, favorite clothing, that old quilt comfort no new one can get, first message on your first cell phone, and so many other.

They will always remain an integral part of everything in our lives...

After a real long time, I have actually thought about every small thing that was difficult for me to let go. Now when I look back at those, it brings a smile on my face with a slight pinch in my heart.

I sure do miss them.Would have loved to still have them. And yet am happy to know that they were mine, and will always remain!

Friday, April 13, 2012


He hangs on up your face,
Makes you feel abase,
Brings your love disgrace,
Oh my God! He's sucha waste!

To sleep he just falls,
While with you on the call,
Him- you want to maul,
He doesn't deserve you at all!

All you wanna do is talk,
But he is unfeeling like a rock,
Feels like you're being mocked,
Your feelings within you- locked!

But people like him make you feel...
You yourself are a blessing-- you see,
For your love you wouldn't be deigned,
Cuz' you are such a wonderful human being!

It is a loss he didnt see that in you,
But cuz of him you know its true...
People like him exist- they just do,
Yet the world still has people like you too!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Real Fiction

Reality gives birth to fiction. And fiction inspires what is real. It is vicious circle. No one really knows what comes first one what really follows.

When I see some work of fiction, I often think to myself if that really happens in life for real...

Those congenial strangers meeting in serendipity. Or a couple who is a product of a marriage of convenience trying to find comfort in their awkward relationship.

It gives me a weird feeling watching it, and a longing of wanting to feel it.

In that desperation, often I often find reassuring myself that it is only a means of entertainment... A figment of someone's imagination.

Or may be not... It could be a real life experience wanting to be relived again...

There is a fine line between virtual and real. Entertainment and life. Fiction and reality. And somehow each is a gift of the other.

Things that are unattainable in real are often mesmerizing when seen in fiction.

And what we cannot get from fiction, life gifts it to us to live.

The point being that either which ways, we experience it. I am hoping though that some of these nuances I enjoyed watching as someone's imaginative fancy, inspire my reality too.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not Love!

Just your thought...
Doubles my heart rate,
Pumps blood to my head,
Makes me go outta breath...
Making me feel I have lost it!

People ask me if it is love...
Days of romantic wine and dine
I reply, 'I aint doing fine...
It's just again exam time!'

Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Lone

It's one of those days when you want to tuck in there a bit longer in your sheets.

Want to wake up to no one but to yourself.

It's one of those days when you want to do nothing...but nothing.

It is irrelevant if you are a loner or not... It you have human existence around you at the moment or otherwise. Immaterial if you enjoy your own company or need a soul or two to make you feel alive.

It is one of those days when you want to drown yourself in the feeling of your own survival, existence... And by all means your own self.

It is one of those days when narcissism does not seem like such a bad 'ism' after all. Not for the love of yourself, but for the overwhelming over dose of others around.

It is one of those days when your body, soul, and mind in themselves feels like three different individuals, unable to handle the crowd within themselves.

One of those days when you succumb to your bed without 'Good Night'.

One of those days when you want to be a loner...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

So Close...

You think of one, and land up getting another,
When you get to your place, you want to go further...

You stay up all night, and wish someone was around,
When they are with you, you tend to let them down...

You want to make it early, cuz they are never late...
When you are on time though, you have had to wait!

You ask life for things, and it gives it to you,
When you get it though, you want something new...

It is funny how things work, for you and for me...
How life really is, and how we want it to be!

So close, and yet so far, its always been the same,
Play it by your own rules, cuz Life's a fair game!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


This one is in the memory of Zambo. We all love you dearly love you and miss you as much.

Soul to my survival,
Brightness to days dull,
But never knew something
Could be so final...
And now here I am
Gifting you the wreath
As you embrace to
The call of death.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


A flame burns in me,
Its burning for a while,
I know not why it is lives,
But is bright and agile.

Unknowingly I fueled it,
And also let it breathe,
There came a time it blazed,
Till I couldn't bear its heat.

The flame turned into fire,
I knew not what to do,
And attempts to pacify it,
Only led to more ado.

Craving for some comfort,
Better-- I wanted to feel,
And then found my solace,
As the bruise began to heal,

Soft touches and blows,
Of love and affection,
The burning was dying off...
The feeling-- near perfection.

I know what led the fire,
It was that of being alone.
I know what made it fuse off,
Companionship- my life adorned.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


For a while now I have been trying to come up with a blog post. It has been a while since I wrote something. And even longer since it came out as an article.

In the past couple of months I have witnessed many things that earlier seemed rather ordinary. There have been weddings, parties, as well as fights and disagreements.

With each one of these, there has been a distinct feeling that was born in me. Some of these events marked a feeling of complete pleasure, undeterred by the rest of the events.While others reaped a feeling of void.

This void is something that has fascinated me. Appealed me. Even appalled me. This void is something that is inexplicable and yet is evident.

This void is like a long haul. A wait for something that doesn't exist. Or may be it did, but is dead now.

A wait for something that you do not even know. It may be a text, a call, door bell, or a person. It may even be a pay cheque, new client, new friend. I know not!

In time I am sure though the wait will be over. In time... I just have to wait for it. It is a feeling I cannot put in words. No, it aint even a phase, do not demean it by saying it is.

It exists as much as I do. Its only for you to see it the way you see me.

So what may seem rather ordinary isn't really that. The void, wait, or even the sheer happiness. Do not tag it as a repercussion of an event. It is not a reaction. Well, not only that.

I tried to look at it in a different way, and found myself writing this. The void still exists. I am still waiting.But I am also happy. And the reason for both... well you'll have to wait till I figure that too. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

That Day!

A look around and you see,
On the way to love's quest,
People hover like dragonflies,
To feel the feel of love's zest!

A day arises like none other,
Amidst the cycles of 365,
None has the magic though...
To make them feel this alive!

A day most worthy of living,
One of many magical gifts,
Like no other it brings to them,
Sheer pleasure, joy, and bliss...

A day where I see all this,
And I find it very byzantine,
Wonder where is it otherwise,
All that arises on Valentines!

Makes me also introspect,
Would I love to wine and dine?
If one day someone asks me...
To be his dear Valentine!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love about You!

Love the way you look at me,
And the way it makes me feel,
Love the way my heart skips a beat,
And it willingly accepts defeat!

Love the laughs that we share,
And touches that make me flare,
Love the way- my hand you hold.
And guide me as we cross the road!

Love all the little things you do,
And all the running around too,
Love all that about me- you remember,
And times you deal with my temper!

Love your uncompromising love,
And you being there in times tough,
Love all the times---otherwise too
I just love being in love with you!
These are few things I love about you!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tongues, Tails, and Tears

Tears blur my vision as I set to write this one. I am very sensitive to certain things. But this is one thing that has, and will always manage to move and affect me for life.

Reluctantly, yet irresistibly I saw few minutes of the movie Hachiko. Some may laugh at my inessential expression of emotion and my ability to cry over every small little things. Friends have even tried convincing me at how the movie is a cute one showing his loyalty to the professor.

Somehow, I disagree. Yes it is cute how Hachiko waits for him. But thinking of the fact that he spent mere 3 years of his life with the professor and nearly 10 years waiting for home makes me antsy.

Though Richard Gere's Hachiko died a comparatively peaceful death, dreaming of his master and their spirits meeting again, the real Hachiko died of terminal cancer. It was a movie, and I should let go. And the real Hachiko chose it for himself to devote his entire life to the long haul. But I really do hope that the spirits of Hachi and his master did reunite.

Blame it on the fact that I am a dog lover. But I doubt even someone otherwise could be insensitive to this. I really do not know what I am writing for today. There is no message, or point to tell. Neither a story to narrate. It is just a meager attempt to let out what remains in me after watching the last few minutes of the film.

Let this be just a small tribute from me to Hachi and all my pawed friends for the selfless love, affection, and care. For staying home while we work and then licking us when we return. For wagging tails, and cuddling up. For tolerating our mood swings and waking them up mid sleep. Even for those who stay on the streets and yet love me unconditionally... And for just being there. ALWAYS!

As for me and my over sensitive heart, I will just change channels than watching such movies again. They are cute and have a strong message. But I guess I have plenty live examples around me to know better for myself!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Not for the God's and the Almighty,
Neither for the ones loved oh so deeply,
Nor for the lil ones who jump on me...
Not for the nature, trees, and flowers,
Neither for the time ticking by the hours,
Nor for life and its unconquerable powers...
Not for fairies, genies, dwarfs, or elves,
Neither for my dear readers as well,
Today I write only for me, myself!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


The only thing that is absolutely real is your consciousness. Everything else goes on changing. That which goes on changing is an appearance — don’t get identified with it. You are the unchanging divine, you are the unchanging godliness.
- Osho

Change is the only constant. An established fact that we learn with experience. We resist and desist, till it defeats us. With that defeat comes acceptance. That acceptance brings in another constant- another change.

As humans, it is believed, that resisting change is in our nature. It is something that defines us. But more than often we defy this belief and welcome changes that bring goodness to our lives, enriching it.

So that makes us question 'forever'. Everyone of us has gone through this questioning phase. Only few are assuaged by the answer. I am glad to be one of them.

Forever exists. That which remains unchanged. In the words of Osho- it is divine and godliness.

After almost a decade, four 20 something's met at "The Star". A place they met everyday to play 'chippi chippi' and 'dhappa dhappa' years earlier. A feeling of nostalgia lingered in the eyes and hearts of each of them.

Each had taken up a path like no other in their respective lives. Yes- change had taken over them. They were no longer the 9 year old's in funny looking 'frocks' coming down to play...

Each was articulate in thoughts and words, with a clear vision for the future in minds and hearts. 

As the day unfolded, it adorned itself with laughter and talks. Talks of past, present, and future. It unraveled something that defined forever. 

These little girls, now young adults had grown with experience of the last decade. But within, they still connected as the little dolls waiting for 7pm to meet at the Star!

While sitting with my oldest friends over lunch, I experienced 'the Real'. The consciousness. While talking and listening to them I learnt that time has worked on us. Yes it all looked different- the appearance. 

And amidst  all this was the biggest realization- the unchanged and the forever! Even though we met after a decade, the connection, bond, and comfort remained undeterred. The consciousness remained real and clear. 

I found my unchanging divine. I found my unchanging godliness. Yes, I found my 'forever'

Thank You- Disha, Ritika, and Vaidehi for being there and showing me what we hardly ever see!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

If Words Could Express

If words could express,
Then talks could tell,
How you feel...
And your desires- heartfelt!

If words could express,
Then they could prove,
That they are...
The most powerful tool!

If words could express,
Tears would not exist,
Neither would the hugs,
Nor the feelings with a twist!

If words could express,
You wouldn't misunderstand,
Cuz' whatever I spell out,
Would clearly show my stand!

If words could express,
Creativity would go amiss,
If words could really express,
Would life be a bane or bliss???

If words could express,
What would expression be?
An heartfelt emotion...
Or mere A, B C D...?

Monday, January 16, 2012

While You're Gone!

Lying in my bed,
Staring at the wall,
Cellphone in my hand,
Hoping you'd call!

Feeling restless,
Completely forlorn...
Life seems difficult,
While you're gone!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Curled inside the egg shell,
Warm and unaware,
Waiting inside for the unknown,
Oblivion was its lair...

One day the shell cracked,
And it broke its daze...
There came the caterpillar,
Underneath the Sun's rays...

It laid in the flowers,
And all it did was ate,
Things were less easier now,
It was realizing its fate...

Soon, things changed,
It were no more so free...
Caught inside the Pupa,
It felt really seized!

It failed to see though,
The Metamorphosis was done,
It emerged as a Butterfly,
A beautiful, beautiful one!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello's and Good Bye's

New years are always symbolic of new beginnings. I also always believed in that. But recently I have been wondering if there is another aspect to it!

Well, considering that we leave all that we did in the past 365 behind and embark on a new journey for the next, I can understand why it is about starting afresh and all of that.

But think of it in this way- instead of the so called new beginnings, it could also simply mean old endings. We dont have to begin everything fresh since it is a new year.

New year could also, in some senses, mean putting an end to certain things that need to seek closures.

Honestly, can we really start new without making sure that the preceding events have reached their maturity, or even expiry?

Do new chapters really begin without reading through the previous ones completely? Does the Sun really rise without it setting the previous evening?

The answer to all of the above questions, to my just about average mind, heart, and brain is a NO.

So this new years eve, while all spoke of all the things they wanted to venture, and of resolutions and exciting new things, I sat in a corner alone thinking of all the things I needed to end.

Of the incomplete resolutions and unfinished businesses. Of half felt emotions and undone relationships.

It may seem like an unusual way to begin 2012. It surely does seem a bit weird to me as well. But I suppose then amidst all the endings that I plan on conquering, this infact is a new beginning.

Hello's are awesome. There is always a thrill for a new hello and hi.

But I think it takes much more courage for a warm good bye. I wish to be courageous this year. Want to explore that side of me which I have not really meddled with in the past.

So here's wishing you all a very Happy 2012. May this year bring us all lot of new hello's.

As for me, I am really looking forward to finishing all the half way left Good Bye's. :)

Hoping that 2012 gets me brave enough to all of them!