Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Very often, while strolling around, I see old couples walking together. Some of them hold hands, some just walk by the side, while some just guide their spouse through while crossing the road. Some help their partners to climb stairs, while some help to get down the footpath.

Since a little girl, I had this weird feeling in me when I saw such wonderful people. Overwhelming, yet weird.With every step that these couples took on the road, my eyes would follow. I would be lost in a daze wondering as to what this every single step meant to them. After so many years of togetherness, how the slight touches would feel?

As years passed by, I felt the same, exact same feeling in the warmth of my very own house. I saw it in the eyes of my parents. Felt it while on rare occasions they held hands (trust me when I say rare). And heard it when they spoke or fought.

I feel criminal to call them, or on a general note such people a couple. They ought not to be referred as two different people! But I am not quite left with a choice...

As I grew older, this wonderful couple grew by me. And though I am too callow to understand the intricacies of their relationship, I kept maturing watching them mature unperturbed, even in times of great chaos and ataxia!

However hard I try to fathom this unfathomable bond that they share, it just does not cease to intrigue me. On their 25th Anniversary of togetherness called marriage I came across more such people like me who are blessed by the presence of the strength of the oneness of my parents. There was awe and admiration twinkling in the eyes of every guest... Most wanted to be where Aai Baba were as soon as they can be!

Their love was unreckonable. A fact proved by the presence of all of them. They had witnessed the great journey my parents embarked together! And everyone of them were glad they had!

As for us- me and my baby sister--- the feeling was incommensurable. It was a blend of pride, humility, overwhelming adoration and a well spaced inability to consume what my parents have felt, or are feeling. That I suppose we will understand only when we celebrate such a day with our special someone!

This day was one when I truly awed my parents and could not thank the almighty enough for blessing me with such guardian angels. But this day wasn't about me, or about them as parents. And I didn't want to divert the attention to the fact that they are the epitome of being the most wonderful set of parents in the whole wide world. Because this day was about two individuals, who over a period of time became one... Just one! This day was to celebrate the oneness. And to celebrate the joy this oneness has been spreading to all those around since its inception!

Like all others present there, I hope too that years later I will hold someone's hand after years of oneness. And someone curious like me would want to reverie and know more about this oneness!