Thursday, December 29, 2011

One Day...

One Day I wanna scream,
And no one else would hear.
Walk alone in the dark at night,
Without even a glimpse of fear.
One day I wanna weep,
And still not spill tears,
One day I wanna age,
Without counting it in years.

One Day I will LOL,
And not have to curb.
One day I will get what I want,
Not only that what I deserve.
One day I will break loose,
And still not be perturbed.
One day, this day will arrive,
Not, but, for me to be swerved.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Bored me, blased me,
Tired of being tired...
Oh, it is such a grave task
To be and to remain inspired!

Shake me, Wake me!
Get me a lil' wired...
Oh please, please help me...
To be and to remain inspired!

Love me, please me,
Undo what was conspired,
Oh, show me Universe how...
To be and to remain inspired!

Wile me, tease me,
Remind me what transpired...
Oh, get back all the banter,
To be and to remain inspired!

Comfort me, ease me,
Bring me all that's desired...
Oh, that is what I need
To be and to remain inspired!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Potter, Pan, You, and Me!

It was a lazy afternoon, so I just decided to spend a while watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Well yes, I am a HP fan and can watch any of the films innumerable times.

As time passed, there was the introductory scene of Prof. Lupin and the Dementors in the train. Freaky one! I really am amazed at Rowling for the work she has done. So much detailing... So many intricacies... So many characters and their own stories.

Later then there was a much more intense scene about Lupin explaining what exactly dementors do while teaching Harry his Patronus charm. And as he does so, he asks Harry to think of his happiest moment... Now that is something that just made my train of thoughts take off!

I remember watching a Robin William film called the Hook. It was, I suppose, about Peter Pan. But I cant recollect it properly. What I do remember peculiarly about the film is the time when he learns to fly. There too, he is supposed to think of his happiest memory to be able to lift himself up in the air!

All these fairy tales, have this one thread in common. The most powerful thing within us, and outside is the emotion of love, of happiness... To do something remarkable, it is this feeling, this power within us that helps us achieve the feat. The same applies when we need to fight our gravest fears, or the most unpropitious elements (in Harry's case, the Dementors).

That honestly gets me to think then, is there anything that is fictitious? I myself am a believer of the occult. And though I rationalize with it as the power of our subconscious, the fact remains that it still continues to be mysterious. But even in this mystery, there is one thing that is evident--- the power of your inner self, your positive emotions, your happiest moments.

These help you to look into your future, to make the most unfavorable conditions work for you, cleanse and energize your chakras and auras, fight your greatest nightmares, and do things that seem impossible to your conscious mind!

It helps you do everything that you want to, and helps you restrain from every temptation that seem irresistible. That is the power that lies within you. Something that is so openly professed everywhere, everytime, but yet people have cold feet to accept it... Well it is always easier to laugh it out than to show the courage to try it out!

Nevermind, as my train took a halt and my daze quickly converted to my fancy towards the movie, I saw Harry fighting it out with the Dementors saving his godfather... All's well that ends well!!!

It would just be so much better if we could also fight the dementors within us with the power that rests within us! First step would just call for some acceptance, and then...well that will be a cake walk,since its only Happy memories after all!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Very often, while strolling around, I see old couples walking together. Some of them hold hands, some just walk by the side, while some just guide their spouse through while crossing the road. Some help their partners to climb stairs, while some help to get down the footpath.

Since a little girl, I had this weird feeling in me when I saw such wonderful people. Overwhelming, yet weird.With every step that these couples took on the road, my eyes would follow. I would be lost in a daze wondering as to what this every single step meant to them. After so many years of togetherness, how the slight touches would feel?

As years passed by, I felt the same, exact same feeling in the warmth of my very own house. I saw it in the eyes of my parents. Felt it while on rare occasions they held hands (trust me when I say rare). And heard it when they spoke or fought.

I feel criminal to call them, or on a general note such people a couple. They ought not to be referred as two different people! But I am not quite left with a choice...

As I grew older, this wonderful couple grew by me. And though I am too callow to understand the intricacies of their relationship, I kept maturing watching them mature unperturbed, even in times of great chaos and ataxia!

However hard I try to fathom this unfathomable bond that they share, it just does not cease to intrigue me. On their 25th Anniversary of togetherness called marriage I came across more such people like me who are blessed by the presence of the strength of the oneness of my parents. There was awe and admiration twinkling in the eyes of every guest... Most wanted to be where Aai Baba were as soon as they can be!

Their love was unreckonable. A fact proved by the presence of all of them. They had witnessed the great journey my parents embarked together! And everyone of them were glad they had!

As for us- me and my baby sister--- the feeling was incommensurable. It was a blend of pride, humility, overwhelming adoration and a well spaced inability to consume what my parents have felt, or are feeling. That I suppose we will understand only when we celebrate such a day with our special someone!

This day was one when I truly awed my parents and could not thank the almighty enough for blessing me with such guardian angels. But this day wasn't about me, or about them as parents. And I didn't want to divert the attention to the fact that they are the epitome of being the most wonderful set of parents in the whole wide world. Because this day was about two individuals, who over a period of time became one... Just one! This day was to celebrate the oneness. And to celebrate the joy this oneness has been spreading to all those around since its inception!

Like all others present there, I hope too that years later I will hold someone's hand after years of oneness. And someone curious like me would want to reverie and know more about this oneness!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


We talk about the happiness,
And about the life's tragedies,
We discuss everything under the sun,
This is conversational intimacy!

We cry on each others shoulders,
More than often get real senti,
The feelings are always over flowing,
This is emotional intimacy!

All the tickles and the slaps,
And the hugs when life goes crazy.
Are things we cant do without
This is physical intimacy!

Suddenly one fine moment
We realize this grand reality,
Emotional, Physical, Spiritual,Conversational,
We share all sorts of intimacy!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Four and still counting!

You were there when I cried. You made me cry at times as well. But you were also there to cheer me up when I needed it the most. Thank you for that.

Time slips from our hand like sand. What remains are memories. Whether fond or not, that really depends on us. 'Us' honestly, is the fondest memory of my life. Thank you for that.

You taught me to give. That is the biggest thing I have taken from you. To give, and to give selflessly. To give without expectation. To give for the pleasure of giving. Thank you for that.

And you taught me to never give up. What we started off as, and what we are now are two completely different, but equally beautiful entities. For what has gone and what is to come, may, or may not be in our hands. But hope is our biggest anchor. I learnt to hope from you. Thank you for that.

The past was romantic, the present saw more friendly hues. We never know what the future beholds for us. Yet we behold a future together. In what that togetherness materializes, we will see. I am sure we will. As we have for the past 4 years...and still counting!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


It had been a while since we met,
But for that I have no regrets ,
Cuz' when I saw you today,
We still picked up from where we'd left!
We might be living really far,
Yet our closeness is bizarre,
We meet like we've never been apart,
Cuz' that is really how girlfriends are!