Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fairy Tale

You woke up, shaken and scared,
The reality on you has left a wale,
All this while you never really knew
That life is not a fairy tale!

You hoped for it to be spring,
In return you faced many gales,
There is no place left to hide,
Since life isn't a fairy tale!

You dreamed of a zillion things,
Wished that you'll smoothly sail,
The tides got better of you,
Cuz' life aint a fairy tale!

You wanted this, you want that,
Thought it will be an easy trail,
Only to be bummed by the twists,
As life isn't exactly a fairy tale!

So if there is something you desire,
You cannot afford to be frail,
Buck up now, give a fight,
Make your life your fairy tale!