Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Day to Remember!

She sat with him at a coffee shop. Dazed a bit because of the alcohol, and a little more with the fact that she was with him. She needed the caffeine to get rid of the former. She sat there giggling at nothing, yet enjoying the feeling.

It was sheer serendipity, a fortnight back. Meeting him was sheer chance. And now sitting there in front of him--someone she can never imagine to be with, ever! Not even a slightest hint or trace of sophistication. No articulation in thoughts. Neither a lingual command. Nor any trace of maturity. All the things that she saw in her match were perfectly amiss.

Yet, there was something about him. Being with him made her happy. About herself, more than anything. Since his advent in her life, things took a happy turn. Emotions flew more towards the happy direction. Conversations with people who seemed impossible, became a lot more civilized. Things started falling in place, on their own.

All this in just a fortnight, since she met him first. Now sitting in the coffee shop sipping some yummilicious coffee she ponders about that day. And she looks at him just to realize every stone that turned since then. She likes the feeling of meeting him then, and spending the whole day with him now. She can never forget it. She wants to always have it close-- A Day to Remember!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

If I...

If I were a tear drop,
Would you lose me to your cheek?
If I were to break down,
Would you consider me weak?
If I said I'd never change,
Would you become happy?
If I said I wanted it so,
Would you be with me?
If I reminded you of our times,
Would you make it come back?
If I helped you with all my heart,
Would you fill up the cracks?
If I did spell it out in words,
Would you understand my woes?
If I said I do love you,
Would you still just let me go?

Friday, November 18, 2011


Standing on the beach,
I see the water glisten,
I want those shimmering diamonds,
As the water meets the sand,
So I hold it tight in my palm,
But when I am tempted
to look at it again...I realize,
It already has slipped outta my hand!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Air and Water

Mess of books and notes...
Tension in my room floats...
As I try hard to keep up
With what I read...
I really want...
Some cool water and fresh air to breathe!
Those are the only things
That keep me going
I belong to that creed
Who only need..
Some cool water and fresh air to breath!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fairy Tale

You woke up, shaken and scared,
The reality on you has left a wale,
All this while you never really knew
That life is not a fairy tale!

You hoped for it to be spring,
In return you faced many gales,
There is no place left to hide,
Since life isn't a fairy tale!

You dreamed of a zillion things,
Wished that you'll smoothly sail,
The tides got better of you,
Cuz' life aint a fairy tale!

You wanted this, you want that,
Thought it will be an easy trail,
Only to be bummed by the twists,
As life isn't exactly a fairy tale!

So if there is something you desire,
You cannot afford to be frail,
Buck up now, give a fight,
Make your life your fairy tale!