Friday, September 30, 2011

Road to Redemption

The tables turned in the blink of an eye. What seemed to be like a wave of opportunity, just turned to be mere false alarm. Things were ostensibly not working out. The superficial layer of hope too, was evaporating at a very fast rate.

Professedly giving up was not an option. And as thoroughly believed, you always call things upon yourself. No one else. No thing else. So along with the fire element being haphazard, the cups were flowing empty too.

A bump or two at the ankle of a loved one. More so threatening was the possibility of a crack in the bone. Rushing to the medical treatment, thoughts wouldn't cease to spare a single moment. Fortunately the air element works right at such instances. Doesn't become too stormy, or hazy!

As the journey continued, things rather unraveled in ways not preferred. But choices and preferences are not offered at such times. Later visits to medical professionals, just somehow brought some peace to the mind. And lots of rest to that loved one! A welcomed healing phase.

With three of four elements turning hostile, there is little or no hope for redemption. Impudence is one quality that has been always cherished. So is graceful acceptance.

Just before the day ends, the air element makes things a little better to deal with. In tarot related's the Page of Swords... a messenger. Came through electronic media. Redemption is metamorphic to the inevitable process of day and night. One falls only after redemption. Only to be followed by redemption again.

An unexpected payoff. Sweet savor to be redeemed. So with the end of the night, came another day. Today is that day. Waves of opportunity are at the horizon. This time on, they definitely aren't false alarm. The tables have turned once again. At the blink of an eye.

This is my Road to Redemption.

(P.S: The elements mentioned are as follows---
Air- Mind; Water- Emotions; Fire- Career; Earth- Money.)