Sunday, October 9, 2011


Little wanderers wandering around,
Searching for their essence of life,
Looking here, and looking there,
Eyeing for their own paradise...

With every breath that filled their lungs
And every vision that saw their eyes,
A feeling of being lost arose,
Being unable to see their paradise.

They reached the highest highs,
Touched the lowest of the lows,
And yet could not figure out,
From where the living energies flow!

Soul searching on their mind,
They reflected and introspected,
After hours and days of the same
They still were dejected...

What is then the kernel of life,
What is that we all delve?
And then they found what they chased,
The answer--- it was within themselves!

Being amazed at the simplicity...
Of where their answer lies,
The penance had finally paid of,
To know that life is THE paradise.