Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An Earnest Plea!

Diwali has arrived. The festival of lights and colours. May it bring lot of prosperity and happiness to everybody. Here is a small rhyme for my pets...all 17 of them. Tobler, Toofie- my pugs, Tazo, Tazie- my hounds, all my 13 adopted strays who I am to lazy to name here. Toto- My best friend's turtle, and all those lovelies who I know, and even dont! Have a Happy Diwali!

It is the time of festivals,
Oh! Here comes Diwali,
I wonder what it brings though,
To my lil Tobler Toofie...

Whenever she hears a loud burst,
Toofs barks away to glory,
I wonder then if this is how,
It is really ought to be!

The smoke and the pollution,
Makes my Tobby grumpy
Oh I have started to feel,
These festivities are a felony!

When I hear the long drawn crackers,
That the kids really enjoy,
I can feel what Toofie feels,
While she looks me in the eye!

I feel helpless at that moment,
I go weak in my knees,
I promised them protection,
A promise I cannot keep!

They dont like the pollution,
To hear and to breath,
I wish I could do something dahlings,
To provide you a perfect sheath!

So here's what am gonna do,
A humble and earnest plea,
To all those who love pets and animals,
Have a smokeless Happy Diwali!