Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An Earnest Plea!

Diwali has arrived. The festival of lights and colours. May it bring lot of prosperity and happiness to everybody. Here is a small rhyme for my pets...all 17 of them. Tobler, Toofie- my pugs, Tazo, Tazie- my hounds, all my 13 adopted strays who I am to lazy to name here. Toto- My best friend's turtle, and all those lovelies who I know, and even dont! Have a Happy Diwali!

It is the time of festivals,
Oh! Here comes Diwali,
I wonder what it brings though,
To my lil Tobler Toofie...

Whenever she hears a loud burst,
Toofs barks away to glory,
I wonder then if this is how,
It is really ought to be!

The smoke and the pollution,
Makes my Tobby grumpy
Oh I have started to feel,
These festivities are a felony!

When I hear the long drawn crackers,
That the kids really enjoy,
I can feel what Toofie feels,
While she looks me in the eye!

I feel helpless at that moment,
I go weak in my knees,
I promised them protection,
A promise I cannot keep!

They dont like the pollution,
To hear and to breath,
I wish I could do something dahlings,
To provide you a perfect sheath!

So here's what am gonna do,
A humble and earnest plea,
To all those who love pets and animals,
Have a smokeless Happy Diwali!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vacuum Cleaner

They hung up with a "Good Night"... Still thinking of the conversation that had just transpired, wondering where it would have led if it had drawn a little longer.

It was something both of them were aware of. Yet it seemed rather convenient to not acknowledge its existence. Things were different earlier. A lot merrier. But time had done its magic. The novelty had worn off... And the long period of dormancy had filled in the cracks rather meekly. And the bushing agent was this very vacuum...

She wanted for him to say something. He wished for the  same... But no one spoke. And this went on forever.

She feared for being rude, while he was petrified at the thought of upsetting her again. And so the vacuum kept on filling the space between them. And so the space went on growing on them, between them.

Things seem irreparable. Interacting increasingly difficult. Every word she said was taken to be an assault, every one that he pronounced wasn't just enough. She needed to hear his emotions, he believed in his silence.

As both struggled to tolerate hearing only each others breaths over the other end of the phone, time slipped out of their hands. Nights were their time for introspection. How things were in the past, what they shared at the moment, and what they expect for themselves in the future. They did see themselves together in the future.

Now nights are mere calls of formality, to reinstate the existence of the only substantial thing they share... The vacuum.

So like many of the earlier nights, this time again they hung up with a "Good Night"... Still thinking of the conversation that had just transpired, wondering where it would have led if it had drawn a little longer.

The thoughts lingered on as the sleep deprived eyes became heavier every moment. And then it all began to pacify as sweet slumber took over its reign. The last profound thought--- we need a vacuum cleaner.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Little wanderers wandering around,
Searching for their essence of life,
Looking here, and looking there,
Eyeing for their own paradise...

With every breath that filled their lungs
And every vision that saw their eyes,
A feeling of being lost arose,
Being unable to see their paradise.

They reached the highest highs,
Touched the lowest of the lows,
And yet could not figure out,
From where the living energies flow!

Soul searching on their mind,
They reflected and introspected,
After hours and days of the same
They still were dejected...

What is then the kernel of life,
What is that we all delve?
And then they found what they chased,
The answer--- it was within themselves!

Being amazed at the simplicity...
Of where their answer lies,
The penance had finally paid of,
To know that life is THE paradise.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An Ode...

Waking me up at 5 am...
Cuz I have lectures to attend
And while I leave in a hurry
Your sleep-- always detained!

Your days begin with us in mind,
You master each of your tasks,
All my queries are always resolved
I only just have to ask...

Sometimes I wonder what you are!
A friend , teacher, counselor- on a juggle
You are here, there, everywhere
You are my Super Woman!

When I feel lost and empty inside,
You comfort and make me strong
But you are also the one to whip
When I have to go wrong!

Mothers, I wonder if at all,
Are ever persons of their own
All they think is of their families
By the selflessness..I am blown.

I know it's pointless to say
That I am gonna love you forever...
It is more than a privilege of a lifetime
To have you Aai, as my mother!