Friday, September 9, 2011


We had been together for so long,
To you I thought I really belonged,
But suddenly you were just gone,
Leaving me feel disgustingly forlorn.

We knew this right from the start,
That only death could do us apart,
It leaves a miserable pain in my heart,
To just watch you brutally depart!

I see someone claiming to be you,
Somehow I know it cant be true,
I can just clearly see it through,
That the guy I loved has said adieu!

What remains are the ghosts of our past,
Our memories which will always last,
Memories that will always be my ballast,
Memories which will never be surpassed!

Life without you seems creased,
Body here, my soul is deceased,
Loving you I can never ever cease,
Hope my love that you Rest in Peace.