Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We talk on the phone for hours,
My cell keeps dropping its battery bars...
Our talks are always so glib,
Is this a Long Distance Relationship?

I have known you for a while,
But met hardly once or twice,
Yet we are so close, its bizarre...
I wonder if this is LDR.

You make me laugh when I'm depressed,
Stop me when I'm about to regress,
You always engross me in your quip,
This seems like a Long Distance Relationship.

It's like--I'm the cell you are the charger,
I am the bottle, you are the opener!
I am the plectrum, you are the guitar...
This sure is an LDR.

You talk to me when you're drunk,
Those times I truly enjoy your spunk,
You sound as if you're on your own trip,
OMG is this really a Long distance relationship??

It's a whole new comfort with you,
Which I share with really few,
You've become a close buddy, you really are!
I am so loving this friendship, our version of LDR...