Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hung Over

Waking up in a mystic style,
Looking around at the mess pile,
Wondering what really happened here,
Oh My God, I am really hung over!

Remembering last few things said,
Just before I could hit my bed,
Friends, fun, good times forever,
Yes on that, am totally hung over

Wasn't really the alcohol talking,
We were high on all the yapping,
All we did was blabber and blabber,
On all of that, I so am hung over.

In the car, while returning home,
All had 'dont wanna go' syndrome,
Every milestone that we crossed over,
We all knew we were so hung over.

On my bed, thoughts rushing through me,
I so want to go back to Bordi,
Things there are so simple, much clearer,
On that thought, I'd always be hung over