Monday, August 15, 2011

Tryst with Destiny

15th August 1947--- A nation rose. Out of suppression, dominion, and decades of slavery. A day that was rejoiced. A day that followed after a series of massacres, blood splashing, violence and non violent agitations, sacrifices and compromises. Love for nation more than self.

15th August 2011--- A nation is rising again. Out of sleep, ignorance, indifference, and 64 years of oblivion. A day that will be remembered as fondly as this same date 64 years ago. The same gush of adrenaline rush. The feel to fight for the nation, love for the nation more than self. It sure will lead to the emancipation of self along with nation. But the realization to come took six decades and a little more.

Years by years, time changes. But somethings remain the same. Like today morning along with Times of India dated 15th August 2011, I received a copy of 15th August 1947. I skimmed through its pages. The priced 12 Anna newslet had praises and good wishes for the two new born nations. Today there are only talks of peace and peace talks between the constantly logger head warring nations. And yes! A brilliant advertisement of Colgate. The 1947 copy had a black and white one. 2011 had a colour one.

Another few decades down, things will be aghast different again. Yet certain things will remind us of our roots...from where we grow, come from...leading us to where we need to go.

Though our tryst with destiny was vocalized by Nehru then in 1947, we still with the likes of Anna Hazare fight for our independence and inter dependence. Hail to all our freedom fighters who freed us from foreign captivity. And full support and respect to our fighters today who stride to liberate us from internal reigns that stunt our growth.

Now this is our Tryst with Destiny!