Friday, August 12, 2011


One more time I can feel it
Inside me--the raging violence
And the simultaneous struggle
To find some peace and silence

I feel this incredible pain
Stinging me through my heart
I can feel it in my chest
My world's falling apart

Years have now gone by
Its toll, time has taken
Yet, it amuses me how I am
Repeatedly mistaken

Emotions flowed fluently
Never ever seemed undermanned
And now you are saying
That me, you cant understand!

The clock is ticking now
I think am about to burst
Cuz I cant take this anymore
To feel so damn cursed.

I am gonna set you free now
Should've done it long ago
But you have no clue how hard it is
To finally let go.

My final words to you then---
All our times were really good
But unfortunately I will always remain
Your very 'Miss-Understood'