Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gift of You

Life...Life could be cruel
Life...Most times is a duel
You fence, duck, and dive
In a fervid hope to survive

It makes you turn around
Shows you the world upside down
When you are the least prepared
It teaches you whats really 'Unfair'

It makes you slog real hard
Leaves you tattered and scarred
And when you just wanna give up shows you how to live it up! you reason to rejoice
Makes you feel strong and wise
When you go weak in your knees
Life brings you some fresh breeze

It is always about the times- dark and bright
About those when you have to fight
So if you feel you're the only one
Look around you'll see another zillion

Buck up now dont lose hope
Get rid of all that you loathe
Its not only about you, you see
So strong it is that you better be! is a challenge tough
The ride sure is gonna be rough
Life...yet is funny, it'll come to your rescue
Cuz its greatest gift is the gift of you!