Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We talk on the phone for hours,
My cell keeps dropping its battery bars...
Our talks are always so glib,
Is this a Long Distance Relationship?

I have known you for a while,
But met hardly once or twice,
Yet we are so close, its bizarre...
I wonder if this is LDR.

You make me laugh when I'm depressed,
Stop me when I'm about to regress,
You always engross me in your quip,
This seems like a Long Distance Relationship.

It's like--I'm the cell you are the charger,
I am the bottle, you are the opener!
I am the plectrum, you are the guitar...
This sure is an LDR.

You talk to me when you're drunk,
Those times I truly enjoy your spunk,
You sound as if you're on your own trip,
OMG is this really a Long distance relationship??

It's a whole new comfort with you,
Which I share with really few,
You've become a close buddy, you really are!
I am so loving this friendship, our version of LDR...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tryst with Destiny

15th August 1947--- A nation rose. Out of suppression, dominion, and decades of slavery. A day that was rejoiced. A day that followed after a series of massacres, blood splashing, violence and non violent agitations, sacrifices and compromises. Love for nation more than self.

15th August 2011--- A nation is rising again. Out of sleep, ignorance, indifference, and 64 years of oblivion. A day that will be remembered as fondly as this same date 64 years ago. The same gush of adrenaline rush. The feel to fight for the nation, love for the nation more than self. It sure will lead to the emancipation of self along with nation. But the realization to come took six decades and a little more.

Years by years, time changes. But somethings remain the same. Like today morning along with Times of India dated 15th August 2011, I received a copy of 15th August 1947. I skimmed through its pages. The priced 12 Anna newslet had praises and good wishes for the two new born nations. Today there are only talks of peace and peace talks between the constantly logger head warring nations. And yes! A brilliant advertisement of Colgate. The 1947 copy had a black and white one. 2011 had a colour one.

Another few decades down, things will be aghast different again. Yet certain things will remind us of our roots...from where we grow, come from...leading us to where we need to go.

Though our tryst with destiny was vocalized by Nehru then in 1947, we still with the likes of Anna Hazare fight for our independence and inter dependence. Hail to all our freedom fighters who freed us from foreign captivity. And full support and respect to our fighters today who stride to liberate us from internal reigns that stunt our growth.

Now this is our Tryst with Destiny!

Friday, August 12, 2011


One more time I can feel it
Inside me--the raging violence
And the simultaneous struggle
To find some peace and silence

I feel this incredible pain
Stinging me through my heart
I can feel it in my chest
My world's falling apart

Years have now gone by
Its toll, time has taken
Yet, it amuses me how I am
Repeatedly mistaken

Emotions flowed fluently
Never ever seemed undermanned
And now you are saying
That me, you cant understand!

The clock is ticking now
I think am about to burst
Cuz I cant take this anymore
To feel so damn cursed.

I am gonna set you free now
Should've done it long ago
But you have no clue how hard it is
To finally let go.

My final words to you then---
All our times were really good
But unfortunately I will always remain
Your very 'Miss-Understood' 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gift of You

Life...Life could be cruel
Life...Most times is a duel
You fence, duck, and dive
In a fervid hope to survive

It makes you turn around
Shows you the world upside down
When you are the least prepared
It teaches you whats really 'Unfair'

It makes you slog real hard
Leaves you tattered and scarred
And when you just wanna give up shows you how to live it up! you reason to rejoice
Makes you feel strong and wise
When you go weak in your knees
Life brings you some fresh breeze

It is always about the times- dark and bright
About those when you have to fight
So if you feel you're the only one
Look around you'll see another zillion

Buck up now dont lose hope
Get rid of all that you loathe
Its not only about you, you see
So strong it is that you better be! is a challenge tough
The ride sure is gonna be rough
Life...yet is funny, it'll come to your rescue
Cuz its greatest gift is the gift of you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I jus wanna write a song,
But the words aint coming along!
I dunno what to write it on,
But am having this thought for very long.

May be, it could be
Something I have never thought of,
Something about you and me,
Something never even dreamt of...

Or lets say just about, doing my regular chores...
Or may be without doubt, about an interesting lore.

I jus wanna write a song,
But the words jus aint coming along...

A tune hums in my ears,
I am loving it soo, Oh dear!
It sure is some sweet music
All I need is some good lyrics

Dont wanna write about love
Nor about some happy endings,
Neither of lives twists and curves,
Dont wanna write about the same ol' things

It could be something, that you and I will enjoy
Something to sing, that will make us go "Oh Boy!"

I jus wanna write a song,
But the words aint coming along!
I dunno what to write it on,
But am having this thought for very long.

I jus wanna write a song,
But the words yet aint coming along
I still dunno what to write it on
But I bet it'll soon be done...

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Dark Room

My head is infiltrated with this thick layer of something real muculent. I am not quite sure what to name it though. Feelings, thoughts, or just a fragment of my imagination, which is running wild just more than often these days.

The more I am fogged by this something, the more it forms a personality of its own. It becomes real. It comes in forms obscure to me. In phone calls of relatives being unwell, in fights and nasty words, in mayhem and chaos, and even at times in the scintillating nothingness.

My search for sanctum begins inside. The darkness scares me. I feel like a stranger to myself. But at the end of every dark cavern there is light. So I believe...

The deeper I delve, the colder it gets. I like the chill somehow. Soon the heaviness of the bleak stratum increases. And my likelihood towards the arctic feel suddenly transforms me into a very phlegmatic being- heart and soul. Mind, I would not add here. It still feels numb. It still tries to rationalise.

It is a different feel down here. The only thing I can hear in the hum of nihility. The only thing I can see is the cimmerian shade. Only thing I smell is the emptiness of the space. But I can feel something so strong, it over powers all my other senses.

This is the closest I feel to myself. It might be dark, closed, with a strong stench of non entity at the moment. Yet I feel something approaching. Something so marvelous, it will make all this worth going through.

Words have been my forte. If I say all this to someone, I am told it is a phase. But I know it isn't. These are signs. Significant ones. From me to my myself. It is about time I pick them, follow them. Else I will be sitting in the dark room enjoying the freeze, forever!

Looking in here however makes me stronger. More driven by lurid nothing than anything and everything. My Dark Room, inside me. Dwells peacefully. Only to seize me, when I loof around in it...directionless. The dark room will only lead me to light. It provocates me enough to fight. With all my might.