Saturday, July 30, 2011

Whose Reality is it Anyway!

It has been pouring cats and dogs for the past couple of days. So my only past time has been the television. Another reason for the idiot box to play such an impetus in my life off late is my internet going on rain breaks more than often.

As I lazed in the comfortable couch with the remote in my hand, I exercised my fingers by surfing the channels. The images of some incongruous nonsense passed in front of my eyes in about a minute or so. And it continued. But amidst that, it dawned upon me that most of them were the images of the self proclaimed 'Reality Shows'.

In my thus state of abeyance, I began to think! A moratorium to my eyes (I am sure I will be blessed for it) from the TV insanity. Every bit of these so called visuals of reality somehow seem very scripted. Dolefully, disdainfully.

I often wonder if these actors, oops no participants as they call themselves, view their reality. And more than that I am intrigued to know if at all this is their Reality.

Less than recent I learnt that we live in a matrix! We make our own realities. Well may be that is true to an extent. But these individual actualized realities then have to intersect at some points. That is the basis of a society. And whether or not you abide by it, you live in one... Man is after all a social animal, aint he?

The verisimilitude of these matrices however depends on our perceptions. So when I see a Reality Show with some loser trying to teach other buncha boys to be a "super stud", I am confounded and at the same time stupified at the vast lapse between the existence of such varied realities.

As the rains kept pouring, my sojourn in my thoughts ended. I changed the channel again and luckily Friends was on air! Ah my god sent angel. At such times when things do not make rationale to me, I keep the thoughts lingering. I know for a fact though that there will be a closure. Soon. In a different Reality!