Sunday, July 31, 2011


A thought so clear, so clear
A thought that gets me ecstatic
So clear, yet confounding
Me thinks its Psychedelic!

I am trying hard to detangle
A web of certain certainities,
A web so intricate, fabricated
It is a web of Realities

Each angle gives a different view,
Oh each view, so beatific
Unfathomable, unimaginable
It is, for sure kaleidoscopic

For years and decades may be
These have been very mystic
Above and below, inside and out
At times cleft, and at others- solid.

You and I think, know it all,
Yet "All" we know is superficial
Soon we'll be gripped by this truth,
That 'All' that we know is an illusion

So I assume, presume, and consume
These entities, so hallucinogenic
I know what I have got myself into
I know it is psychedelic!