Sunday, July 17, 2011


Things have been most unsaid between us. But they exists. You know it so do I.

As a child I remember telling you everything, as if I didnt my days were not complete.

I honestly dont even know if you understood half the things I did tell you...

We had mean times too. I remember dropping you off my cycle as a kid. I am really sorry for that! And there are plenty such instances which make me feel really bad. I hope you do not want me to list them!

I have hated you the most many times. You are by far the Nobel prize winner for me as far as irritating me is concerned.

Apart from that you could also be the proud winner of a lot of other nasty things that you do.

But as you turn 17 today, I wanna tell you that you are probably the bestest thing that happened to me. You were always mine and the only thing I have never had to share with anyone.

I might dominate you and you might find me very interfering and intruding, but what the hell thats my business.

So here is wishing you a happy 17 and many such wonderful days always! Most of which will be with me ;)

Cheers to the love hate we share! Cuz I hate you (Like I love you!)