Thursday, June 23, 2011


15 years back on this very day an 8 year old found a new place to call home. A big house with her very own bedroom. A huge bed for her sister and her. Lots of toys and everything else that she never had before.

But she knew things were going to be different. From a house populated with 12 to 15 people at a time, it was a drastic change to just be living with parents and a toddler sister.

From a convent school to co-ed education, life had taken a different turn. Different people and environment to grow up. Things were not as easy as they seemed at the start.

Talking to boys and hanging with them was a taboo. She wouldn't know coming from a family where she was the only girl with 4 male cousins. Growing with them and their friends was all growing up was about.

Yet there were other inexperienced things. The good ones. Having friends to play with. Having friends around in the first place. Inviting them over and showing them around. Getting invited to their place.

Getting used to all the changes took time. But she never realized how fast it flew. She is 23 today. Her baby sister is double the age she was when she came here. The family of 4 is now of 8 with 4 cute and pampered pets.

15 years gone in a blink of the eye. Yet so many memories, so many people have been a part of this journey. It will continue for much longer I am sure. But looking back at all that has passed just re instills all that I have gained so far!

From the 8 year old girl to a 23 year old adult, life's been a good ride. Loved all the twists and turns. The place and the people. The life and experience.

I cannot boast of being born and brought up here, in Thane...but I can definitely brag about it being my "Karmabhoomi".

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  1. Suddenly u have so much space n u wonder wat ur gonna do wid it!lol
    Must have been quite an experience coming to thane. u must have cursed the silence in d new house after being around so many people. But i feel everything happens for a reason and (mostly) for the better. and as long as u have fond memories of the 15 yrs wat more can anyone ask for.
    (I feel like bursting out laughing thinking abt our interactions in school- life sure changes)