Wednesday, June 29, 2011

By your side!

In the sun and in rains
All alone in the open plains
Staring at the sky and beyond
Waiting for the golden dawn

Like the first ray of sun
Bringing joy to everyone
Small and chubby like fresh dew
The best thing I had seen, it was you

Your mischief and curiosity created chaos
Your shrill cries were a major turn off
But the minute I'd see your deep dimples
I knew you were my god sent Angel

I saw you crawl, sit, and walk
Those unclear words when you just learnt to talk
And now you are a different you
But you still remain my same baby sis---My Aishu

Things will come and times will go
Life will keep changing its flow
At times things will not seem right
But dont you worry, I am always by your side!