Friday, June 24, 2011

Back to School

It's been 15 years since I joined VVHS. So just in the fond memory of the times and days there...

Get up early, dont get late
Time to rush to the school gates
Morning assembly and prayers
Prefects carrying out their regular affairs.

Days began with value education,
Students however gave least attention
Lots of mischief, and mess
We all waited for the recess...

Dabba sharing and snatching
Missing the stares of teachers who were watching
Second half was generally a bore
Unless it was the P.T. session we adored

Last minute homework done
Troubling teachers was always fun
10 minutes before time screaming "enouugghhhh"
Wasting time with random stuff

Teachers telling us what's wrong and right
Interfering in between all the fights
Always trying to be just and fair
Loving us and showing that they care

Waiting for the last lecture
To run home was always a pleasure
To be first to reach out of the gate
Running fast as if it were a race...

Today all that is in the past
Time has gone by really fast
If there was anything I wish I could do
It was to go back to school.