Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Tribute...

This is a typical rags to riches story. He was the youngest of all the four siblings, two brothers and two sisters. And that by default made him the most mischievous. His father was extremely strict, so growing up was not really a fairy tale. It was the father's way or no way! So he has gone through quite a bashing from his father.
But as fate would have it, at 14 he had to leave behind all his innocence and earn a living for himself after his father expired.

No one forced him to leave his education and earn. The older brothers would have taken that onus. But something in him always wanted him to be self sufficient. And thus began a wonderful journey of hardships, struggles, tears, laughs, friendship, betrayal, love and agony.

He tried working in the day and then attended a night school, but for some reason could not handle it. So could not complete his matriculation. As days passed, he tried his hands at many things...painting lane lines on the road, working at petrol pumps, selling vada pav etc etc. The list is never ending. He is literally the epitome of the saying, 'Been there done that'. (Later however completed a diploma in electrical)

He had friends too. Not the best company to judge someone. So he did all the wrong things too. But he had his share of fun, learnt his share of lessons, and made a lot of friends who stood by him forever and ever. But let me not get into the details of that side of the story.

He was quite a philanderer and wore his heart of his sleeve. Yeah he enjoyed life king size. And his love for cars and bikes was much more than anything else. Especially his 1976 Bullet. And even amidst all this, he did everything for his family. Right from all the commodities needed in the house to taking care of the family members, he never ignored his share of responsibilities.

In his early 30's his finally found his soul mate who was a swooping 14 years younger to him. But much more mature than him I guess (Girl Power!). After a couple of years of prolific and profound friendship, they tied the knot. And the past life and the dark side of it vanished completely, giving up the old ways.

In the meanwhile, the place where he started working as a small time worker in a manufacturing unit, through his hardwork made him a contractor at the same place with about 100 workers working for him. That is 100 families depending on him! Not only that, he has a proprietorship of his own too.

Two wonderful daughters, a lovely wife, four pets to flaunt off, two factories, three cars, two bikes, a lovely farm house and a life majority would envy now lingers at his feet. Yet the most is rooted to the ground and has not forgotten his roots. He knows what he is made up of and knows where he still aims to reach.

This is the story of the man I admire the most in my life. The love of my life and a person worth looking up to, maze Baba. A small tribute on his 57th Birthday.

Life has been full of ups and downs, but what makes him still stand tall is the fact that the man has only wished good for all around him and has never ever staggered to help anyone even if that meant denying something to himself. With a heart as big as anything can be, my Baba is the bestest.

I Love You Baba!


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  1. its so well written. and u can connect with your thoughts so well. i dunno how to put this but- every time you write u manage to give the content the most importance. its never about elaborate words or somthin that you wud want to show off in your writing.
    Baba's story can be made into a superhit trilogy.