Sunday, May 15, 2011


Brogue, communication, language, words, and all other forms of expression are the most beautiful gifts that we received from our maker.

And though words are mightier than swords, there are other means to convey what you want, whether or not you intend on doing so. Almost 77% of our communication takes place through non verbal means. So articulation is not the whole and sole to convey what you want to.

Every single day of our lives we learn new ways of communication. When you want a friend to stay shut in front of your parents- you give him/her a stare. To show your disinterest you roll your eyes. You throw sarcasm with a fake cough. And so many more...still adding every moment.

At every stage of our life we learn new methods to make our lives easier in our social setting. We even communicate with other species. I remember back in the III Grade I would tease the cuckoo by mocking her. She would really be annoyed and screech even louder.

In college there were ways of telling friends to proxy attendance, or that the professors almost in class at awkward times without making much use of mighty words. When I wanted some lone time I could easily make it prominent. Or when I wanted to talk something important to my boyfriend, a glance could convey the message.

While travelling too, you can spot people who will not even shift a millimeter to accommodate someone from those who are happy to help. From the happy go lucky ones to the frowns and fights with spouses. Everything is on their faces, body, and aura.

My pets can communicate what they want too! Whether Tobler wants a loo break at 4.00 am or Toofie wants her favorite treat, or whether Tazo and Tazie wanna laze around on the couches, or when my strays want me to rub their bellies, I know it just very well. That is our language that only we understand.

I am sure as I grow older I will learn newer ways to communicate. Like today I learnt a new word 'Mamihlapinatapai' (courtesy Spanky) meaning: Two people looking at each other each hoping the other will do what both desire but neither is willing to do. I know which cord it strikes first, and it is the right cord because that is what it exactly is intended at... But looking at it from some other point of view I realize that it does not necessarily have to be lust and physical desires.

We all experience mamihlapinatapai. Say when my sister and I are both equally lazy to get up and switch on the fan/ AC/ TV set. I experience mamihlapinatapai. And so many other times too.

The point is that communication is a multi faceted, powerful, and mysterious tool in our hands. So I'd rather not try to confine it to a specific dimension. Be it a spoken language or otherwise, giving it space to breathe and develop into varied meanings, is a privileged experience for us. That is the whole reason why I guess we never stop learning the art. We only look at the varied facets of it and try to grasp it... That is what I am doing right now and you too are doing the same!

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  1. Nice post Akshaya. That's one strange word :D
    We speak a lot using signs. Even moving our eyes is enough to send a message.
    Even animals and birds make some signs whenever they want food :)