Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life and Equality

Life, defined as the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.

So according to the above delineation, anything and everything that is capable of being distinguished from being dead or inorganic and is gifted with the proficiency of adaptation and the ability of growth and reproduction all belong on an equal platform.

Every such capable being then should enjoy the right to life and the right to live equally. But one question that lingers in my head most often is that, when the creator himself chooses to not distinguish between the worthiness of the various living creatures on earth, and else where if they exists...and even humans, in all their capabilities define and annote and bundle all living beings together, then why is it that the nobility of some is ranked higher than most?

We have seen various organizations and people working towards establishing certain set standard of living for humans. Many opine that once this task is accomplished, we can move towards other species. I at most find this ironic. A life is a life...be it humans, animals, or even insects. Who are we to decide the chronology of their importance?

Thinking of it with a rather out of the box view, if there were no other beings on this planet than humans the world would have not really been the same. We depend on them for our survival. But if the planet existed without the so called superior race, the others would have been much happier!

It is alright to prioritize at a personal level and then form your groups according to your coinciding priorities. But let us not generalize. We have no right to put a price tag on someones or somethings respiration process...on their survival. Working for any of those who do belong to the above said living organisms is a moral deed in itself. Let us not belittle our own race by arranging the rest in a descending order of their importance.

Respect the fact that they survive in a world that is rightfully theirs, but is owned by us. Because life after all is defined by the power to adapt and that is exactly what they have been doing...with or without a choice!


  1. You'v given me a lot to think about.. you know i'v thought for so long, our stories, childrens' stories [i'v been reading them a lot these days given that m surrounded by them], the bad guy is someone who is like the fox, or the wolf who blow up the houses of pigs and eat them up, or the little red riding hood or the rabbits or the 7 sheep.. we always have been told the story from a point of view that makes him a bad guy cause he responded to nothing but hunger, a natural instinct..

    These days, i have been reading the same version of stories, but told by the wolf himself.. he talks about what really happened.. that it was nothing but hunger that pro pulsed him to act the way he did..

    strangely enough, by telling the children about a bad wolf who is bad just cause he eats things that talk, breathe, live, they teach the humans not to do so.. which is weird, cause they very conveniently forget to mention that maybe, even the wolf was hungry, like we humans are when we kill to eat..

    i frankly dont know where i am going with this.. seriously.. but what i feel i want to say, is that, even the wolf should be given the benefit of the doubt, cause he is not deciding to put a time limit to any living being.. but by doing so, he makes himself rise in the pyramid of the food chain.. every animal is born with a hierarchy.. thats just how it is..

    Nature leaves us, in a way no choice.. but it does leave us, the humans, the choice to choose how we want to deal with the situation.. the animals, not so much, they are just the victims of the dictatorship of nature..

  2. This makes me stronger upon the ideal of remaining a vegan now that I have become one recently...people couldn't believe...! pratikosaurus has become a vegan.

  3. But seriously...nice work again...for a change hopin to see some funny blog from you soon... ;)

  4. What i have always liked about your writing in general is the way u put a nice spin on otherwise mundane things. These things wont even occur to me so its quite an experience reading ur blogs. This write up too.Ur writing is very unique and you make wierd topics look quite natural and you handle them rather well . I can see why pratik wud want to remain a vegan after reading this.