Saturday, May 7, 2011

Exam time=Fun Time

Exam times seem like the most interesting period in life. Because this is probably the only period when life becomes unexpectedly very interesting and you just do not find the time to do the things you have planned on, and the way you have planned them.

The otherwise mundane things, and even people just suddenly become the most titillating. Your walls out of the blue look different, the soap operas your parents watch catch your attention as if missing them would change your life forever, and suddenly you feel like taking a deep...deep interest in your sibling's life.

Whats more, you suddenly realize that your textbook isnt enough, so you hunt for references and answers online. While doing so, however your Facebook is still on, uploading pictures and statuses...and commenting on others (its like FB has a mind of its own!).

So here is what I do. In the most interesting phases of my life, namely during exams I too avoid studying like everybody else. Some how my schedules just go haywire during this time. Natures call has no timings they but, but mine become unusually unusual (with all the pun intended).

I take plenty of loo, water, snack. etc breaks. Or let me just put it in a simpler way. I take study breaks once in a while in my crazy line up of television, going out, and internet etc. It helps. Trust me. I have cleared all my papers with a first class.

Another important thing is that I am not too proud of what I do, so do not propagate it. But when asked, in a very subdued manner I speak the truth. Now that is the thing with truth. It is a very twisted thing you know. When I tell people what and how I spend my days, they think I am lying.

Well wow! That is great. I do not mind that. I take that as a compliment very humbly. OK so I am lying, and then what is it that I really do...STUDY is the answer. Well alright then assume away. I still score as much!

Then people take the liberty to ask me where do I get so much time to do things I enjoy. Like my blog, facebook, friends, pets, going out. And I say to myself, 'Oh come on people are you really that dumb?' Cant they really see through my schedule? Nevertheless I assume they believe I excel at time management.

So here it is, out in the open. An honest testimony of what I do in my so called study leave. And acknowledgements are appreciated. However if you still want to believe otherwise please do so. I will be happy if people think of me as some super woman doing everything right.

Just remember eat alot, sleep even more and do things that you enjoy. Because once this time is over and you have finished your exams, life's a rough ride!

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  1. kya majja aaya to read this one. i think one of the funniest you have written. i always pray to God i cud manage my studies half as well as you do. And i even act the way you do at times. But the results vary (a little).
    Real good fun reading this. Pratik wanted a funny one right?