Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Comedy of Errors

*** You hate cockroaches. But almost every time one of those filthy creatures comes in front of you. What is worse, it can even fly.

*** You have to reach for an interview at six. At 5 five you realize you don't have a printed copy of your updated CV. Soon enough you realize that your beloved printer has back stabbed you.

*** You get out of your house against your wishes only because you desperately need a marker. You return with few fancy new pens, refills for the same, whitener. Damn you forgot the marker.

*** For the first time you have finished your assignments on time. The bonus is that you have done them all on your own. You go for your submissions. Your incharge is sick (literally).

*** You skim through the old question papers. You know the repeated questions. You know what to skip. Unfortunately your text book thinks otherwise. The topics you wanna give up are the only one in your text.

*** And you know what is even more unfortunate? The repeated questions are not even answerable by Godfather Google!

*** You want a particular coloured dress/shirt for a function. You have a tight budget. You look around the entire city to find it unavailable. Very very very reluctantly you settle for another colour. Just 2 days later you find the exact one you wanted all over the place!

*** It is another one of those matches where you are a loyalist of one team. Your team has been on a roll and winning all the games so far. This time you decide to call on your friends over, even those who don't support the team you do. Your team loses!

*** You have decided on further studies. Mere graduation is not going to give you what you want. Also you want a good base before to your professional life before you begin it. Even though you are dead sick and tired of education you study hard for all entrance exams. Get a good score. Even a great college. You get a call from your dream company that you have been offered the position you applied for months ago with a beyond imagination package.

*** After a real tiring day you board a train back home. Half way through a man gets up. You occupy his seat and are blessing up. You look up at him, he stares back at you. He was offering his seat to the old man besides you!

*** You are next in line for promotion. You love the profile more than anything else. You get promoted, get a great increment, but the profile has been tampered with.

*** After a real long time your house is empty. Parents are gonna be out for the entire day. You plan a romantic day at home with your special someone. Alls set, the doorbell rings!!! Surprise Surprise its your auntie and the entire family from the other State!!!


  1. This is an awesome post!!! Loved all the points and have experienced many of them.

    I wanna add this one...happened today

    "You need all your documents for verification and realize that one of them is with your friend. So before reaching the destination you go to your friend's house to collect the missing document and there you realize that you left all the documents at home"

  2. Awesome...! hahha...the last one happens...and 'You have decided on further studies' is exactly what happened d day I got into an MBA institute...
    and Godfather Google!...lolz to all the points!

  3. HAHAHAHA!! i laughed all through it..!

  4. mere saath 2nd point everytime hota hai. U pretty much compiled a list of all possible fk ups. Its too funny actually - so funny tht ull lose ur mind if more than two happen in the same day.

  5. omg this is laughter riots.akshu i love our stuff girl, i can literally picture each one in my head!! it a small journey in middle of a boring office day to read ur stuff please keep bring them..