Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Tribute...

This is a typical rags to riches story. He was the youngest of all the four siblings, two brothers and two sisters. And that by default made him the most mischievous. His father was extremely strict, so growing up was not really a fairy tale. It was the father's way or no way! So he has gone through quite a bashing from his father.
But as fate would have it, at 14 he had to leave behind all his innocence and earn a living for himself after his father expired.

No one forced him to leave his education and earn. The older brothers would have taken that onus. But something in him always wanted him to be self sufficient. And thus began a wonderful journey of hardships, struggles, tears, laughs, friendship, betrayal, love and agony.

He tried working in the day and then attended a night school, but for some reason could not handle it. So could not complete his matriculation. As days passed, he tried his hands at many things...painting lane lines on the road, working at petrol pumps, selling vada pav etc etc. The list is never ending. He is literally the epitome of the saying, 'Been there done that'. (Later however completed a diploma in electrical)

He had friends too. Not the best company to judge someone. So he did all the wrong things too. But he had his share of fun, learnt his share of lessons, and made a lot of friends who stood by him forever and ever. But let me not get into the details of that side of the story.

He was quite a philanderer and wore his heart of his sleeve. Yeah he enjoyed life king size. And his love for cars and bikes was much more than anything else. Especially his 1976 Bullet. And even amidst all this, he did everything for his family. Right from all the commodities needed in the house to taking care of the family members, he never ignored his share of responsibilities.

In his early 30's his finally found his soul mate who was a swooping 14 years younger to him. But much more mature than him I guess (Girl Power!). After a couple of years of prolific and profound friendship, they tied the knot. And the past life and the dark side of it vanished completely, giving up the old ways.

In the meanwhile, the place where he started working as a small time worker in a manufacturing unit, through his hardwork made him a contractor at the same place with about 100 workers working for him. That is 100 families depending on him! Not only that, he has a proprietorship of his own too.

Two wonderful daughters, a lovely wife, four pets to flaunt off, two factories, three cars, two bikes, a lovely farm house and a life majority would envy now lingers at his feet. Yet the most is rooted to the ground and has not forgotten his roots. He knows what he is made up of and knows where he still aims to reach.

This is the story of the man I admire the most in my life. The love of my life and a person worth looking up to, maze Baba. A small tribute on his 57th Birthday.

Life has been full of ups and downs, but what makes him still stand tall is the fact that the man has only wished good for all around him and has never ever staggered to help anyone even if that meant denying something to himself. With a heart as big as anything can be, my Baba is the bestest.

I Love You Baba!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Comedy of Errors

*** You hate cockroaches. But almost every time one of those filthy creatures comes in front of you. What is worse, it can even fly.

*** You have to reach for an interview at six. At 5 five you realize you don't have a printed copy of your updated CV. Soon enough you realize that your beloved printer has back stabbed you.

*** You get out of your house against your wishes only because you desperately need a marker. You return with few fancy new pens, refills for the same, whitener. Damn you forgot the marker.

*** For the first time you have finished your assignments on time. The bonus is that you have done them all on your own. You go for your submissions. Your incharge is sick (literally).

*** You skim through the old question papers. You know the repeated questions. You know what to skip. Unfortunately your text book thinks otherwise. The topics you wanna give up are the only one in your text.

*** And you know what is even more unfortunate? The repeated questions are not even answerable by Godfather Google!

*** You want a particular coloured dress/shirt for a function. You have a tight budget. You look around the entire city to find it unavailable. Very very very reluctantly you settle for another colour. Just 2 days later you find the exact one you wanted all over the place!

*** It is another one of those matches where you are a loyalist of one team. Your team has been on a roll and winning all the games so far. This time you decide to call on your friends over, even those who don't support the team you do. Your team loses!

*** You have decided on further studies. Mere graduation is not going to give you what you want. Also you want a good base before to your professional life before you begin it. Even though you are dead sick and tired of education you study hard for all entrance exams. Get a good score. Even a great college. You get a call from your dream company that you have been offered the position you applied for months ago with a beyond imagination package.

*** After a real tiring day you board a train back home. Half way through a man gets up. You occupy his seat and are blessing up. You look up at him, he stares back at you. He was offering his seat to the old man besides you!

*** You are next in line for promotion. You love the profile more than anything else. You get promoted, get a great increment, but the profile has been tampered with.

*** After a real long time your house is empty. Parents are gonna be out for the entire day. You plan a romantic day at home with your special someone. Alls set, the doorbell rings!!! Surprise Surprise its your auntie and the entire family from the other State!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Brogue, communication, language, words, and all other forms of expression are the most beautiful gifts that we received from our maker.

And though words are mightier than swords, there are other means to convey what you want, whether or not you intend on doing so. Almost 77% of our communication takes place through non verbal means. So articulation is not the whole and sole to convey what you want to.

Every single day of our lives we learn new ways of communication. When you want a friend to stay shut in front of your parents- you give him/her a stare. To show your disinterest you roll your eyes. You throw sarcasm with a fake cough. And so many more...still adding every moment.

At every stage of our life we learn new methods to make our lives easier in our social setting. We even communicate with other species. I remember back in the III Grade I would tease the cuckoo by mocking her. She would really be annoyed and screech even louder.

In college there were ways of telling friends to proxy attendance, or that the professors almost in class at awkward times without making much use of mighty words. When I wanted some lone time I could easily make it prominent. Or when I wanted to talk something important to my boyfriend, a glance could convey the message.

While travelling too, you can spot people who will not even shift a millimeter to accommodate someone from those who are happy to help. From the happy go lucky ones to the frowns and fights with spouses. Everything is on their faces, body, and aura.

My pets can communicate what they want too! Whether Tobler wants a loo break at 4.00 am or Toofie wants her favorite treat, or whether Tazo and Tazie wanna laze around on the couches, or when my strays want me to rub their bellies, I know it just very well. That is our language that only we understand.

I am sure as I grow older I will learn newer ways to communicate. Like today I learnt a new word 'Mamihlapinatapai' (courtesy Spanky) meaning: Two people looking at each other each hoping the other will do what both desire but neither is willing to do. I know which cord it strikes first, and it is the right cord because that is what it exactly is intended at... But looking at it from some other point of view I realize that it does not necessarily have to be lust and physical desires.

We all experience mamihlapinatapai. Say when my sister and I are both equally lazy to get up and switch on the fan/ AC/ TV set. I experience mamihlapinatapai. And so many other times too.

The point is that communication is a multi faceted, powerful, and mysterious tool in our hands. So I'd rather not try to confine it to a specific dimension. Be it a spoken language or otherwise, giving it space to breathe and develop into varied meanings, is a privileged experience for us. That is the whole reason why I guess we never stop learning the art. We only look at the varied facets of it and try to grasp it... That is what I am doing right now and you too are doing the same!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Exam time=Fun Time

Exam times seem like the most interesting period in life. Because this is probably the only period when life becomes unexpectedly very interesting and you just do not find the time to do the things you have planned on, and the way you have planned them.

The otherwise mundane things, and even people just suddenly become the most titillating. Your walls out of the blue look different, the soap operas your parents watch catch your attention as if missing them would change your life forever, and suddenly you feel like taking a deep...deep interest in your sibling's life.

Whats more, you suddenly realize that your textbook isnt enough, so you hunt for references and answers online. While doing so, however your Facebook is still on, uploading pictures and statuses...and commenting on others (its like FB has a mind of its own!).

So here is what I do. In the most interesting phases of my life, namely during exams I too avoid studying like everybody else. Some how my schedules just go haywire during this time. Natures call has no timings they but, but mine become unusually unusual (with all the pun intended).

I take plenty of loo, water, snack. etc breaks. Or let me just put it in a simpler way. I take study breaks once in a while in my crazy line up of television, going out, and internet etc. It helps. Trust me. I have cleared all my papers with a first class.

Another important thing is that I am not too proud of what I do, so do not propagate it. But when asked, in a very subdued manner I speak the truth. Now that is the thing with truth. It is a very twisted thing you know. When I tell people what and how I spend my days, they think I am lying.

Well wow! That is great. I do not mind that. I take that as a compliment very humbly. OK so I am lying, and then what is it that I really do...STUDY is the answer. Well alright then assume away. I still score as much!

Then people take the liberty to ask me where do I get so much time to do things I enjoy. Like my blog, facebook, friends, pets, going out. And I say to myself, 'Oh come on people are you really that dumb?' Cant they really see through my schedule? Nevertheless I assume they believe I excel at time management.

So here it is, out in the open. An honest testimony of what I do in my so called study leave. And acknowledgements are appreciated. However if you still want to believe otherwise please do so. I will be happy if people think of me as some super woman doing everything right.

Just remember eat alot, sleep even more and do things that you enjoy. Because once this time is over and you have finished your exams, life's a rough ride!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life and Equality

Life, defined as the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.

So according to the above delineation, anything and everything that is capable of being distinguished from being dead or inorganic and is gifted with the proficiency of adaptation and the ability of growth and reproduction all belong on an equal platform.

Every such capable being then should enjoy the right to life and the right to live equally. But one question that lingers in my head most often is that, when the creator himself chooses to not distinguish between the worthiness of the various living creatures on earth, and else where if they exists...and even humans, in all their capabilities define and annote and bundle all living beings together, then why is it that the nobility of some is ranked higher than most?

We have seen various organizations and people working towards establishing certain set standard of living for humans. Many opine that once this task is accomplished, we can move towards other species. I at most find this ironic. A life is a it humans, animals, or even insects. Who are we to decide the chronology of their importance?

Thinking of it with a rather out of the box view, if there were no other beings on this planet than humans the world would have not really been the same. We depend on them for our survival. But if the planet existed without the so called superior race, the others would have been much happier!

It is alright to prioritize at a personal level and then form your groups according to your coinciding priorities. But let us not generalize. We have no right to put a price tag on someones or somethings respiration process...on their survival. Working for any of those who do belong to the above said living organisms is a moral deed in itself. Let us not belittle our own race by arranging the rest in a descending order of their importance.

Respect the fact that they survive in a world that is rightfully theirs, but is owned by us. Because life after all is defined by the power to adapt and that is exactly what they have been doing...with or without a choice!