Sunday, April 17, 2011

You Make Me Love Myself!

I was so keenly waiting to meet my friends, one of whom I would be meeting after two years. But as the evening approached, there was confusion as to what is happening.

So I almost gave up on the whole meeting idea, succumbed to my couch in front of the idiot box. And just when I was becoming comfortable with the idea of lazing around, tring tring my cell buzzed. They are already together waiting for me.

It took me a while and a whole lotta motivation to convince myself out of my sweet lethargy. But my yen to see them actuated my to get into the first set of clothes that I saw and leave.

The restaurant was one I have not been to in decades. So it was a weird feeling. But seeing those lovely familiar faces did the trick. It brought me extreme 'joie de vivre' to see her--- Manu! And then began the scintillating venture of what remained less known for the past couple of years.

So we were five of us, later joined by another of a dear one with a cake. I assumed it is to celebrate the return of an old friend. As the burble and gabble continued, the cake was put in front of my face to my oblivion of the wishes scribbled over it.

It read "Happy Birthday Aashi" and that indeed was for me!!! The feeling was remarkably enigmatic, to say the least. And there were presents too... I felt like the most special person there, all thanks to my dear friends.

After many more minutes of laughs, giggles, finger licking to finish the last morsel of the heavenly cake, and corny, pun intended stupid double meaning statements, the cheque was paid, and the finale saw us enjoying pan and laughing as we put 'the entire big thing in our mouths' (courtesy Rohit Narke).

The awesomeness about having such friends is that it makes birthdays, and every other special occasion worth celebrating and really special. This one will remain with me forever, just like these cartoons who made it so very special for me.

On a final note though I feel pretty dazed for not having treated them. But I assure you it is due soon...very soon! My keen wait finally ended with an exorbitantly special evening, and an even better feeling!!! So much and that too two days before the actual day!


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