Monday, April 11, 2011


Life gives you so many different experiences that there comes a point where it becomes difficult to judge anything, or even to reach a conclusion. There comes a day in everyones life where everything that you believed in formerly seems to be an illusion.

We as humans, and as individuals have been blessed with powers that no other species enjoy. We have the power to emote and perceive. And we have an expertise in the same. People love to perceive and then emote, at times even un-called for perceptions and emotions are served on the plate, which again makes the other who is served with it to do the same. It is a vicious circle, the cycle of life. But the point that I am referring to is the one that might break this very vicious cycle, giving birth to may be a new one.

I had a training session recently where I trained professionals more than double my age. The very thought of it made me proud, I will not lie, to be training people who have gathered so much experience. But at the end of the four hours I only realized what I need to be trained on! More than what they must have gained, I am sure I did. The zeal with which they attended and participated in the session was unsettling of sorts. It gave me hibby gibbies. It made me realize that I should be more humbled that proud to be training these stalwarts...and I call them so because they were there without any inhibitions! They were there to learn, grasp and grow.

At a stage in life where there are only new beginnings for me, this is a lesson that stays forever. It is never too late for anything, and in your hands is everything. Excuses will always be irresistible but the real sense of achievement comes when you actually overpower this very temptation. Whatever I want, I know will come my way when I make sure I strive for it. People say hard work will get me to places, but more than that knowing what you want and how to get it is more important. Hard work sure is not negligible, but it also isn't the whole and sole...People have worked hard to get where they want, but when they do they realize that there is no one to be with them...They realize that there is no feeling of achievement to it at all.

I do not want to be like anyone. But I want to be someone people will look up to. I am working on that. I know I do not need to slog for it. I will work just enough to attain my yin yang. I will work enough to be what I ought to! Life sure does gives us so many different experiences that there comes a point where it becomes difficult to judge anything, or even to reach a conclusion. Everything I have thought and perceived looks like an illusion, but what has begun now is a fresh start to something that is going to be one of the most enriching and memorable journeys!


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