Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guess Work

While it was happening, it pierced like a needle drilling into me million times in a god damn minute.

As it neared its end, the pain became personified, though all looked great and I was happy it was over.

Days passed, but the burns were still felt. I think the healing had begun. The most painful part of all.

It pricked, burned, pained, hurt. I could not even sleep and kept thinking about it. I kept switching sides missing my sweet slumber.

Another couple of days, and the wound seems to be healing. As the pain still accompanies, there are scabs reminding me of what transpired...

No medicine made it better. Just a long haul for the healing to complete. Healing is painful. One of life's inevitable truth and a deeply engraved lesson.

It is slow and makes you go through your traumas and memories of the same every single moment.

I guess then that is how it actually heals...when there comes a time when the same memories do not hurt...do not bother...do not even make a difference.

And as the effervescence of the wound and its feeling begins to flatten and stale away, you see the rough scabs giving way to pale skin. It still piques, but you know it is about time.

Finally, then one day dawns when the white pale skin has converted into something that just perfectly matches to what your normal skin looks like. There is no sign of pain or irritation...

Just a wonderful imprint of what happened.

You love to keep looking at it, to remind yourself of all the efforts you took to have it, of everything else that has brought you to it.

Everything in life is processed in the same way, at time you look at the wonderful remains with a glint of happiness in your eyes, while other imprints are there to remind you of what not to do to go through the same painful sojourn.

They act as your warnings...to stay away from things, events, and even people at times.

I just experienced one such process. Now it is up to you to guess which one I am referring to!


  1. I read it for the first time and i thought ur talking abt something really different. ur writing builds up into something really intense and even if i knew what u were actually talking about ill wonder if its really that.
    I am sure so many ppl would want to get a tattoo done after jst reading this.

  2. That is so sweet...Thank you