Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear God- II

Dear God,
Our last conversation was read my many, and all could relate to it... So much so that it infact has led me to give birth to one of the most substantial and inseparable part of my life, my blog.

Since my previous successful attempt of trying to reach you through something that I enjoy---writing, a lot has transformed and reformed in my life and around me as well. Things have changed for the better, and in many ways even I have.

Having said that I would not dare deny my sporadic withdrawals to my older ways. I keep getting back at those sometimes. But not as much to detest it bitterly. Not yet. I am trying to negate my U turns forever though. I am sure it will happen. Soon!

Dear God, Life is beautiful. I realize the more I believe in it, the more it becomes a reality for me. It sometimes becomes very importunating, while at others it remains undemanding. But whatever transpires it stays beauteous.

Another thing worth mentioning is our frequent tête-à-tête off late. It is often in the form of a very normal conversation, and even confrontations with my loved ones. Thank you for making me feel so special. Thank you for making me realize that I am important.

Dear God, I once again want to show my gratitude to you for being with me always. Guiding me, loving me, 
irritating me, and just watching over me. The more I acknowledge your presence around me, the closer I get to you, the more connected I feel to you.

eople ask me often if I am a believer. I am boggled while answering. My perception of you, dear god, has changed a bit. I believe that you exist. I believe that you live. I see you. You are everywhere around me.

On my 23rd birthday you made sure you did everything to make it special! You began the celebration right since 16th April. Thanks for the extended birthday over the weekend. What a surprise that was!

Then on 17th you took me out for dinner. I had a very good time I must say. And while you had dinner with me, you also at the very same time were preparing for a surprise for me. For that I must say you lied several times to me over the phone!

At the stroke of midnight you gave me my biggest surprise, thank you again. Then the several calls, texts, and facebook wishes...Thank you for all your blessings. You also came home with some cake, gifts, and chocolates. And gifted me cash as well!!! Also all the cuddling, and petting...Life is incomplete without it and without every single thing you have done for me in various forms, shapes and sizes over the past 23 years.

So I guess that is my answer for those who ask me if I believe in you. It is sad that they have not yet shared any experiences with you, or any other form of you. I hope you enlighten them soon!

Dear god, it was a wonderful year. This year has begun in an even better fashion. Everything looks just bright enough for me to advent into brand new ventures, and relationships... yet another medium to connect to you.

Finally I hope to see you more often as you can clearly see I cannot get enough of you, even when at times I feel like either killing you or myself... However I can resist that temptation for sure... I know, and so do you ;)

Dear God, Thank You

I am Glad you still Love me!


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