Sunday, April 3, 2011

Champions of the World

Indians all over the world had their eyes glued to their idiot box on 2nd of April 2011. It was a day when history was created by the Men in Blue.

Six weeks of hard work, pain, struggle, pressure paid off as the Indian Captain M. S. Dhoni ended it all with his legendary Helicopter Shot.

Praises from all over the world, every Indian proud to be one. The team deserves every bit of it. Tendulkar deserves every bit of it.

But what if it was not for the team to bring the cup home? Would anyone have even considered the blood and sweat gone into the 6 weeks to reach the finals and put up such a great show?

Dhoni is being adulated for his captaincy, for his conviction, and his leadership. For his will of taking responsibility and chances. For coming before Yuvi in the batting order.

If, and I might sound like a cynic...but if it was not for such a fairy tale ending, most people screaming praises for Dhoni and his team would be abusing them for their same measures. None can deny this fact.

I am glad that after the Australian victory, Dhoni commented on how stones were pelted on his Ranchi residence after they lost the 2003 Cup, and how he is overwhelmed by the appreciation by the same population.

This population deserves to be reminded that our Men in Blue are humans after all! Its great that they won, but even if they hadn't, they sure still very much commanded all the respect. We owed it to them.

There is lot to learn from the Indian Captain. Leadership being the first on the list. Ownership of mistakes, and sharing of the credits. Being honest to the entire nation, to the team, and most importantly to oneself.

There were no blame games for mistakes and no lime light hogging for victories. The cup was supposed to be won in the name of the Master Blaster---and so it was won for him.

Everyone stuck to their words and emotions. The captain was seen no where claiming his authority. It was as if he owed it to Sachin, his team and his nation.

And once the task was accomplished, he was at peace. The adrenaline was pumping and the rejoice was all over his face, and yet it was over powered by peace and serenity.

That is what makes for a perfect leader. Management has just found a brand new personification for the term Leadership. I hope it is put to proper use.

On a final note, I would just hope that once Dhoni retires from Cricket, he joins the Indian Politics. We sure need someone like him to make us feel proud of being an Indian.

Leaders like him always create history, it is only sad that we do not have many in spheres other than sports!


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